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Wrate Nyren

Name Wrate Nyren

Position Trade Merchant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Place of Birth Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 192 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nyren is a boxer in stature and a handsome man in the face; while he can fight well he tends to avoid scars or situations to get them by the lack o f scars. He walks with a swagger of self assurance; yet not an ego, and dresses to impress casually. He could clean up well if it suited him and his eyes seem to have a ‘knowing’ about them. He is slightly more serious than humorous but can laugh with the best of them.

His usual attire is a flightsuit with Pilot’s jacket and boots; when questionable has a pistol of some sort on the right hip and both if he thinks there might be trouble? He is a man who speaks to get a message across and his voice is nice enough to add some schmooze if required.


Spouse Not Applicable
Children No Way
Other Family Jeany (Robot co-pilot) Dressed like Genie from Arabian Knights tales.
Willie (Willamette) Ship computer.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nyren tends to be a straight -shooter when it comes to business; he likes to know what is required and if it has ‘No Questions asked’ the price is like a Ferngi friend in need, 3x the price. He is shrewd in his business dealings and will make a profit no matter the job, it may not always be Latinum but to hm he profits by getting what he feels is well worth the job. He is a stock professional Mercinary with a fast ship; few get ‘a look under the hood’ as they say but it has proven to ‘not be stock’ which is so much like the man himself, not standard or in a known Box.

His weakness is women; he enjoys them but also knows he should keep them at arm’s length; sometimes he manages to do so. He is not looking to be locked down as his Robot ‘Jeannie’ is his best girl for the moment, or so he professes. He will not back down from a man nor a pretty face. This tends to cause more problems for him.

His reputation is everything to him and he will go to extremems to maintain and protect it. “Reputation is faster than warp’ is a phrase he cons to everyone and should be taken seriously. He has a known temper that comes out later after he has left maintaining is expression and mentality as “Controlled’ so to get even when he decides.
His profession is his persona.
Strengths & Weaknesses + reputation to finish a job
+Keeps confidances
+ Keeps word to the death

+/- Will work ‘No questions asked’ type jobs

- Vengeful if reputation messed with
- Will not devulge secrets
- Tends to be mercinary in all his dealings.
Ambitions Wouldn't you like to know?
Hobbies & Interests Engineering and Ship designated
Robotics and mechanical tools
Reading Philosophy
Percussion weapons
Mui Tai type Boxing
Learning the stars
Interesting women
Legends among the races
Enjoys portraying a Fencing hero on Holosuites in romantic Plots.
The Prophets.

Languages: Bajoran, Cardassian, Ferengi, Learning Romulan
Languages Bajoran, Cardassian, Ferengi, Learning Romulan

Personal History Nyren was a child during the Dominion War on Bajor; he recalls as a youth having to be pushed aside by Cardassians who wanted to ‘talk’ with the females of his village. He would be one to stay out of the major trouble yet still managed to find trouble of his own. He was once the hapless victim of a stand off during the fighting on Bajor; taken as a shield by a ‘Cardie’ and the Freedom Fighter put down his arms to save Nyren; a wink to the kid to calm him before the three Jem’Hadar appeared and cut the man down. Later when Freedom Fighters came looking Nyren told what happened and offered to help. He was part of an ambush near a river. When the dreaded Cardies caome by Nyren ran ‘into the Cardie’ while supposed playing and snatched the disruptor while running towards the water to jump in. The Jem’Hadar trooper noted the loss and told the Cardassian; who took chase. Nyren jumped into the river and swam with current. Above the troops that followed could not remain cloaked in water and went into the ambush, no one came out alive. Nyren still has that disruptor.

Learning to be a pilot was an ambition but his mentor made the youth learn how to care for his shuttle before he could fly.Nyren had the knack and soon fixed and flew ‘his’ rebuilt shuttle. Making a name for himself as a fast transport pilot his reputation only grew with the lad. He graduated to larger shuttles; a runabout he salvaged and started working the quadrant. If there was a ‘run’ you wanted made Ryen was the man to do it; he even was known to ‘unnoticed’ make a run or three into Cardassian territory. He found that Romulan Ale and such also fetched a good price and soon could afford a legal right to trade in the Federation and was said to have met auditors of the Ferengi to make trade with them.

Over the years Nyren had a reputation as a “Mercenary Free Trader; not caught with Contraband but suspected without evidence. Mostly the ‘Lightning Raven’ his newest salvage/ rebuild vessel. Modified Raven Class, has been making fast runs and breaking some transport records. He is known to get things there early or at least on time. The last three years he has found a steady customer with the Small colony near Langley station and the Lyshan colony for semi-steady work.

If the deal is there Nyren does not care… about anything but the deal.
Service Record Not even a chance.

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A