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Lieutenant Clint McCord

Name Clint Allen McCord

Position Chief Strategic Operations

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Recovered Borg)
Date of Birth (Age) 32
Place of Birth Lagngley Washington , Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 210 LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description McCord is not imposing at an even six feet in height, he has the physique of a Farmer or Woodsman type; well defined but not bulk. His skin is lightly tanned as he spends time out of doors and is not afraid to get hands dirty. He dresses in clean cut attire; not tailored but fits him as though he is tailored to them. He is aware of his appearance and style of clothing.

His eyes are what could be called piercing; he can look through a person if he wants but uses a softer expression near neutrality. His uniforms are clean and tailored to him, he wears finger-less gloves in high stress situations, the left has some mechanics enhancement to equalize his strength between both hands as he is ambidextrous. His left eye was a donated eye on close similarity during face reconstruction. Off duty he wears sunglasses no not to notice eye colors.


Spouse Died in Borg destruction of ship.
Children none
Father Charles 'Chuck'
Mother Beth
Brother(s) Conrad (Older) Captain of USS Edo (Akra class)
Sister(s) Brittany (Doctor Earth)
Other Family Hans (Brittany Husband) Cybernetics Doctor

Personality & Traits

General Overview McCord is a man of opposites; he is a friendly and polite man socially; kind to others and political with his superiors. Being a Recovered Borg he is subconsciously aware of the Facial Reconstruction and repair of his left hand. The donated left eye is close enough to not be noticed except on close observation yet to him it could be a differnt color for how he notices it.

After being released he became more obsessed with his appearance; he seeks his individual style in all his things. The Signature way he works his tactics. He seeks individuality in all things. His major obsession is Food. He is a chef and studies hers and spices for his cooking; the plants that are eatable and to make spices and such. Can tell yo the Botany of spices and such but not the name of a rose or other plants. He also likes coffes, teas and fine Wine spirits from cultures.

ON the onset he might seem a snob but just did not have access to finer foods; or any actually, and it is what he missed the most when back in his own head.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong Tactical prowess with a desire to have skills to be effective for the ship. He can command multi asset battles and his analytical skills are uncanny. He is a skilled tactician.

His drawback are that he is a man with signiture style and thus enemy able to note his tactics in retrspect; he creates new tactics but in post analysis his style will be noted by the enemy. In his persona he can seem aloof and socially even snobbish. He had well defines ideas and will argue the validity of his INtel when put in question.
Ambitions To teach tactics at the acedemy when he retires.
Hobbies & Interests Food preparation (Chef level)
THe study of herbs and spices and eatable vegetables and plants.
WInes and spirt collection from many cultures.
reading tactical information,
philosophy of combat
Inner self reflections.
Tai Chi for relaxing.
Hat tricks
Formal dancing.
Alien cuisines
Outdoor sports

portays a Restraunt owner who gets mixed up in crime investigation
Languages Federation standard Ferengi Romulan and learning to write klingon.

Personal History Clint Allen McCord is 3rd born and the youngest. He had a Father that was a Cook in a Country Club and Emphasis in sautes. His mother a botanist who taught him the spices and herbs his father used along with coffee beans and Teas ; his family liked the finer bit of Society. The mother had a business of shipping real herbs and spices all about the sector and had a reputation. Clint often helped groom and in harvest before going to academy to help business. Not a botany enthusiast but more the family connection.

Young McCord preferred the Art of war in history; he read the books on war and tactics like most kids read comic books. He had the analytical mind and in his studies the analysis and deductive reasoning was keeping him in top marks but not standing out.

AFter went to STar Fleet as a Taqctical Officer ; his analytical skills were put to use and given also training in how to gather intel for analysis; an extra year spent in thisw endeavor. In the end he graduated in top 10% taking the Cadet cruise. The tactical officer allowed McCord to be the lead tactical for Beta shift and a fellow female cadet as Gamma. McCord learn the varied weapons and other bit that would be of use, he made friends with Intel Cadets and gain information ; thus, making him a sharper officer and gaining a promotion for his first assignment. Working with Intel as an asset to them gained him valuable skills in informational gathering.

The USS Gallaway; Nebula class, with a weapons pod on her dorsal to patrol near open space. The young McCord had adapted some of the Submarine tactics for Space Born Combat along with the standard tactical measures. While engaging the enemy; a band of unknown raiders on shipping, he suggested cutting main engines and gliding for aq bit ; barest maneuvering to give a lesser sensory target while approaching a known area of attacks. P
playing a sort of silent running the enemy came into sector and the Gallaway was able to engage before the raiders could attack a near by merchant flotilla.

The USS Florida was on a routine patrol near open space when a distress signal was sounded and several vessels engaged a Borg Sphere. The Florida went to the scene and was one of two vessels lost; the remain ships limped away as the USS Rothschild and Florida were sliced to bits and the crews taken.

McCord was on the Sphere three years before two sovereign class vessels along with an Akira under the Commodore Lancing took the Sphere in tact. New Borg weapons used in conjunction with three capitol ships.

McCord spent a year in recovery and rehabilitation. His sister was a Doctor adn her husband worked cybernetic implants and Nano technology. The Brother -in -Law was instrumental in getting the Borg gear out of McCord; but the bones of the left hand were metallic; the bones harvested from a cadaver replaced is lost hand and an Eye very close to his own color became his. The rehabilitation began and over the year McCord went back to his roots in a way; his being around his mother and father rekindled his love of finer foods and spices. He took his spare time to relearn the spices ; edible food and his love of Wines. He became obsessed with individuality; read book on 'the Inner Self' to help him recover. Cooking was his major hobby and eating fine food in restaurants lead him to learn Ballroom dancing to help with physical rehabilitation.

It was 15 Months later that he was in service again; put on the Outposts of the Neutral Zone. While on a small outpost, meant to see if he had recovered from the trauma and being on a frontier of sorts McCord discovered that Taciyon particles would bring cloaked vessel out and make them targets. He also found that small levels being constantly issed to a zone made like a powder field and anything passing through made a mark. The subtle levels were too small to be readily detected unti accumulated in a wake. Then the vessel could be tracked and not precisely attacked the general area meant they were tracked . He turned back several small vessels before being transferred.
Medical Records Borg Recovery.
Left hand rebuilt with human bone from declaired DOA victim.
Left eye from Organ recovery.
15 Month recovery and rehabilitation.

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A