Langley Station

Lieutenant JG Cersa

Name Cersa

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Nuvian
Place of Birth Mantown , Risa

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 11in
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description The Nuvian facial structure has three vertical ridges on the forehead; center going to each side but the most distinct physical trait is the 12 child like finger of a humanoid 11 years old with 3 opposing thumbs.

Cersa has a gentle face with long blonde hair and after generation of fine breeding for her race to be slaves she is well tones and keeps herself fit. Preferring to be able to move off duty she dresses conservatively in medium neck line dresses and keep the jewelry to fashionable but present. She takes pride in her appearance and her uniform is always pressed.

She smiles more than anything with an air of regal pride. It is only recently her race managed to break away in many cases from the Indentured Servitude inflicted upon her race for hundreds of years. She shows the pride of a newly freed person in her manners and way she carries herself.
The body structure is that of a humanoid female with an hour glass slender curvature. Her race were slaves much like the Orion females but instead of biology giving pheromones the Nuvians are the most skilled masseuses in the galaxy. Their dexterity is almost epathic, it is said 200 operate on Risa in the highest class houses.


Spouse Not applicable
Children None
Father Hansa
Mother Delova
Brother(s) Jerkin (Indentured to Ferngi , runs a fine parlor.
Hnnock (Contractor for Ferengi marauder.
Sister(s) Deesa (Married to Human diplomat)
Other Family Hanson De Bray Bought her contract and raised her from 12 years old to entry into Star Fleet. (Father Figure)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cersa is a former slave for the beginning of her life as a massage artist in a salon on Risa run by her Eldest Brother. It was her job t toil and knead the sorrows and pain from others for no pay as she was born into 'debt' to a Ferengi. SAhe is not fond of the 'Money Grubbers' but it could have been worst by her telling. She was treated well enough woth clothes and some adornments for show. She ejoyed teh "Dressing up' as it made her feel like she was something more than an Indentured servant. A legal contract between the Possessor of the contract and the contracted. Cersa and her Brother were in debt finacning the Salon they worked with two other s, and Orion female and Male. The Male was grunt work and enforcer; Cersa fered him. But she having smaller hands sometimes had to help with repairs; always sure not t harm her fongers; it gave her a fobia about protectigng her hands as livlihood; threats to that extent made her untrusting to a degree.

An engineer name De Bray was a regular and did teh repairs the 'help' could not handle and noticed Cersa had a talented hand at working things. Her 'feel' for placing parts together stood out adn gave her some pride. DeBray bought her contract and raised her in his family and business. Giving Cersa a sense of family and belonging she keeps today.

Her past is like a haunting gnaw to her present being; she strives to show she is free more to convince herself than others. She strives to fit into her 'work environment' as it is a free choice and gives her good self worth to make decisions. Her fine touch that made her massage at so desired has given her unique ways with machines and parts fitting ; she has natural talent that gives her pride.

Over-all she is a hard working team player who thinks outside most and has the talented mind and dexterity to be a fine crew member.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cersa has a fine dexterity and sense with putting things together and how machines should work. She is well taught and skilled at repairs and salvage. She takes pride in jobs well done either solo or with team effort equally and is very invested in her ship and crew. She will help new people ot learn the rops and become a part of the team when possible.

Her disadvantages are more interesting as she tends to have emotional spikes in sayings like 'Slaving away' or such refernce make her withdraw. She takes pride in being free and any attemt to show dominance gets her rebellious side in return. She will follow orders but demands are not as well taken. She tends to be aloof with those that are not up to standards and will avoid them if she can.
Ambitions To have command of a crack salvage/ repair ship.
Hobbies & Interests Reading actual Books
Plays a harp
Musical computer keyboard/ synthesizer
working with clay and crafting
Blade combat and tricks.
Sleigh of hand/ palming things
Artistic working machines/ statues and such

Building a Sports Car with a Holo-emitter or Holo-deck.

Give quick massages to relieve stress among friends and co-workers.

Portrays a Female guslinger/ tinkerer in Steampunk Genre holo.
Languages Nuvian, Ferengi , Standard, Orion, Risan

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A