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Ragnar Mellark

Name Ragnar Mellark

Position Refugee

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Date of Birth (Age) June, 2354, (41)
Place of Birth Chala River, Chaltok IV

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9” (175cm)
Weight 250lbs (113kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Ragnar is at the end of the current young generation line, but still possesses the vigor of youth in spirit. He is still considered physically fit as most Romulans see the physical form as strength and power. One thing makes him stand out is his hair style, he has a shoulder length ponytail braid and the sides of his head shaved. It has earned him some odd looks and isolation which he is okay with, though some have approached him because of it. Mostly younger Romulans as they are drawn to the abnormal. He does sport a few memorial tattoos on his forehead and the sides of his head and arms in honour of both the loss of the homeworld and his loved ones throughout his years.


Spouse Mother of his child: Lagatha (Killed by the Tal Shiar)
Children 1: S'Talon Mellark, 11, Romulan Male, born 2384, in May.
Father Lothbrok (Killed by the Tal Shiar)
Mother Verelan (Killed by the Tal Shiar)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ragnar is proud of his uniqueness and he doesn't care what others think. He is too old to give a ----. He wants a simple life being a Technician and earn a living and raise a child. He will do whatever he can to protect his son and ensure that he lives a happy free life.
Strengths & Weaknesses He sometimes only thinks of his son's life with no regard to his own in dire, life-threatening situations and will do what it takes to keep his son safe even putting his own life in danger.
Ragnar has enjoyed a life full of working with technology, he likes to believe he could build whatever they needed from whatever they have on hand. Though it is an unrealistic belief but he had often said to Lagatha that if you don't believe you cannot achieve.
He is adaptive when he is dealing with technology as one needs intuition to prevent disaster so he has learned to trust his 'gut'.
He does have a secret sweet tooth, it's an epic internal struggle sometimes.
Ambitions Raise his son, S'Talon in Lagatha's honor as well as his own want for a child. He wants to invent something but it has been years since he has been able to determine exactly what. He wants to share his life with a man, though many attempts haven't held, S'Talon and the rumors about them throughout the Empire's navy about how odd they are didn't help.
Hobbies & Interests Puzzle games have always distracted Ragnar from boredom as well as fixing up old technology as well as aged shuttles. He had been the local mechanic while living at Chala River in his spare time while not working on building warbirds. At his son's birth and after, he enjoyed all the trials and tribulations parenting a child had given him so far. He did want to give Lagatha equal time with their son but sometimes she was too busy though was happy for him to do what he wanted.
Languages Rihannsu

Personal History Born into a family of prideful mechanics and technicians on both parents sides, it really was no chance that young Ragnar could fight such a history so naturally was exposed to all things technical from age 5. Ragnar refused to acknowledge he liked it in public so he could toy with his parents hopes, and clearly they were trying to live through him, dreams for him. He picked up on them telling him he liked things when he didn't as he turned 10 2364.

Though still playing the disinterested rebellious son, Ragnar did often take various techie puzzles and so on to his room in their home in Chala River, a city on the Romulan world of Chaltok IV. At 15, 2369, Ragnar finally confessed he enjoyed technical stuff which pleased his parents to unbearable levels it made him regret it to the same level. Schooling at Chala District was quite informative as to how different his parents raised him.

The majority wanted Romulan supremacy and disliked the other species. Ragnar played along when he was forced to or they'd beat him up as he'd witness before when Chaltok IV had visitors living with them. They left soon after as the Xenophobia was high. Ragnar believed that it will be the Empire's downfall one day, though this came about in his secondary education that begun after his 18th birthday.

He met Lagatha during his first week of classes at River College. The two became fast friends though after a few months she wanted them to date but he had found in that time he was more romantically interested in men than women. The two had taken time to process that and remained best friends much to Ragnar's relief.

He'd told her that he'd hate to lose her friendship. After College both weren't really given a choice and had to do military service for at least 6 months to 2 years. After stressful training at the Naval Academy in the Achernar system, for 5 years, the two were lucky to have been assigned to military research base back on Chaltok IV. Lagatha, a weapons specialist and Ragnar, a construction specialist. They joined the drydock team that were busy constructing the Warbird Terix.

To both their surprise the Commander of the Terix requested they join the crew just before the warbird was due to launch. Ragnar shifted between operations and engineering while Lagatha continued with weapons but did train in security and tactical strategy under the warbird's tactical officers guidance. The duo had just had their 23rd birthdays, 2376, though hers was in November while his was in June.

Ragnar had been requested to serve aboard the Warbird Haakona after the two had served on the Terix for 4 years, he kept in contact with Lagatha via subspace whenever duty shifts allowed. He got promoted, at 27 2380, on the Haakona to assistant senior technician and got to fool around with a few men so he was happy.

Another warbird was being constructed back at Chaltok IV Orbital and the drydock commander had requested Ragnar return to assist as senior technician and he found Lagatha was Senior Tactical officer of the new warbird. She was temporarily heading up the drydock's security while the ship is constructed. During the 3rd year, they both wanted a child but although not in love with each other romantically, neither had partners at the time so they both wanted to unleash their love onto someone.

She had suggested the normal way and he agreed after they had several drinks of Ale together, they did it like a science experiment and Lagatha informed him she was pregnant and they so had so many discussions about how they'd raise the baby. So many times they talked about what if one of them was away for long periods of time, the most often question the two had no answer for was what if the child asks why his parents don't love each other like normal parents do. That put them both into silent thought that often lasted days though other subjects was freely talked about.

A year later the child was expected and the birth went smoothly with Ragnar grinning as he held the baby boy and after a moment offered him to Lagatha to hold after he had been cleaned. The two had been and now more so faced with confused people around them asking why they had a child when they weren't actually together, married or even in romantic love. He told them to mind their own business as the two slowly swapped shifts and the schedule was slightly modified so that the two had equal time with the baby.

They were both 31 2384, and they did love each other as dearest friends, so they'd work together equally, Lagatha was actually quite surprised at how much Ragnar wanted to do, though he had to ask her to see about harvesting her breast milk so he can bottle it so she didn't have to be solely responsible for such things.

The arrangement worked out quite well as they often played with him as he grew, they decided on S'Talon, even both sets of grandparents were surprised of the situation as they had visited the drydock habitation segment. The grandfathers of course objected to the fact their son and daughter weren't married or even in love, though the instant S'Talon was seen the four grandparents went into parent mode distracting them all. Lagatha and Ragnar both laughed so hard when they had walked over to the other side of the lounge room in Lagatha's quarters.

They eventually warmed to the arrangement and at least scored a grandchild out of it, after they demanded the trio will visit them at their earliest availability the grandparents returned home. The next 3 years was full of everything that parents had to deal with with a young son, and both Ragnar and Lagatha wouldn't trade it for the world, they had moved back to Chala River on Chaltok IV surface to be there for S'Talon as well as the Chaltok IV military research base needed both long term Senior Security Officer and a Senior Technician.

In the 4th year, 2387, Chaltok IV suddenly received so many Romulans, and several Remans, amongst other refugees of other species that lived in their space. Both Ragnar and Lagatha couldn't make sense of it until the ranking officer of the convoy met with Chaltok IV's base Commander, informing the gathered inhabitants of the flourishing world that Romulus and Remus as well as several other heavily populated worlds within a certain range have been destroyed by a supernova. The news was spreading fast and soon there'd be a power vacuum, though not of the political inclination Ragnar knew that the Tal Shiar, the Military and any other factions that the Senate had kept under their shoe would now be grabbing for power.

This news had put everyone into a suffering homesick pain, though many who hadn't lived on the homeworld didn't voice anything but did feel loss of the Empire's stability. Ragnar knew that soon the Klingons would take advantage as well as the Cardassians and the Federation if they wanted to of the loss of the homeworld. It was Lagatha that spoke up at the end of an appropriate silence of respect about the Klingons could invade, they'd have to dispatch forces to Nequencia, Gasko, Khazara and D'Deridex systems to hopefully at least fight back any Klingon advance.

Luckily that never happened until key government officials began disappearing, it ended up that Ragnar and Lagatha were elected as the new guarded leaders of the colony, temporarily of course as they didn't want the jobs. It started to become clear as years went by that the Tal Shiar had their eyes, ears and hands on Chaltok IV for some reason. The few guarded intelligence specialists that weren't Tal Shiar did their best to keep manipulatable resources under control and set up multiple secure networks around the planet's cities.

They heard of various colonies banding together to fight the Tal Shiar and to establish a new government, Chaltok IV population just wanted to be left alone by survey results so Ragnar didn't try to contact them though the Nequencia, Khazara and D'Deridex colonies all kept in contact with Chaltok as the somewhat large independent Navy fleet patrolled all five systems. The Gasko station was rumoured to be under Tal Shiar influence so they avoided that system. The fleet commander was from Chaltok and met regularly with all the 5 governors, Ragnar and Lagatha sharing the role for Chaltok IV since it was the largest.

S'Talon had begun schooling at 6 2390, and all seemed well until one fateful night that would change Ragnar's and S'Talon's lives irrevocably.

OOC: That story is
Service Record Romulan Star Navy Service Record:
Naval Academy, Achernar system - 5 years
Uhlan - Construction Specialist, Chaltok IV Drydock, 4 years
Sublieutenant - Operations/Engineering Officer, Warbird Terix, 4 years
Centurion - Assistant Senior Technician, Warbird Haakona, 4 years
Subcommander - Senior Technician, Chaltok IV Drydock/Military Research Base - 3 years
Shared Governorship, after strong leaders continued to disappear until he with Lagatha stepped up, of Chaltok IV - 8 years

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A