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Lieutenant JG John Warren

Name John Warren

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 28
Place of Birth S.S. Ghana (freighter)

Physical Appearance

Height 6”1’
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description John is of average height, and regular build. His green eyes are what sets him apart from the crowd, as they have a sort of spark or twinkle about them, that can immediately tell a person of his michivious side.


Father George Warren
Mother Sarah Warren

Personality & Traits

General Overview John Warren is a loud and boisterous character whose yearning for adventure is only tempered by his fear of loss.

His boisterous nature can at times carry over into his work, but he has learnt over time to keep a control over this. He is usually quick to follow orders, but even quicker to express his views.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Ability to follow orders and take charge of a situation when appropriate. Capable of extreme flight manuvers that few would dare to try, and an extremely capable engineer and inventor.

Weakness’: Uses humour as a defence mechanism, and due to his childhood aboard freighters John sometimes finds aspects of discipline hard to grasp.
Hobbies & Interests Shuttle racing (usually on the Holodeck), 3d chess, tinkering with spare parts to create small devices, any physical activity with an air of adventure (such as rock climbing, free falling etc.)
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History John was born in space aboard a freighter (the Ghana) where he spent his entire childhood. The freighter being dated lacked modern entertainment facilities such as holodecks, So John was forced to either play 3D chess with his ship mates or take on odd jobs around the ship.

At the age of 12 John was already becoming familiar with the Ghana’s systems and was making various alterations and improvements when he was allowed. The 1 job John craved the most was to pilot the freighter. His father would often take him out on shuttle runs and allow him to take the helm for short amounts of time. It was here that John realised he had a natural ability for piloting.

Although he learnt a lot fro, his time aboard the Ghana, John found the tedium of life on the freighter all too much, so the second he turned 16 he ceased the opportunity to join an amateur shuttle racing team. Here he not only continued his knowledge of flight but also of engineering as well, having to perform his own maintenance on racing shuttles. Racing gave him a rush of andrenaline that he had never felt before and before long John was racing for the earth interstellar team.

By the age of 20, John had realised that he still wanted something more. So on a whim he signed up for StarFleet academy. Here he too, both engineering and helm control modules, both of which he passed within the top 5 of his class.

Following the academy John took on a role upon the USS Cross as a support craft pilot. After just a few months of service the Cross was attacked by a terrorist group, who had somehow acquired superior fire power. Out of hundreds of crew only a hand full survived, John being among them.

The attack had lost him almost everything, his belongings, his friends, and his love; a joined Trill named Harkeia Jedra. The attack had also left him as the leading member of the flight Control team, and he was thrown into the role of Chief Helmsman. He continued in this role for the next few months whilst the Cross attempted to evade the same ships which had previously.

Captain Hart of the Cross saw something in John through this difficult time and promoted him to rank of Lieutenant (JG) from ensign.

Following this role John had been moved a few times into different flight related positions in various ships. Durin a short stint on the USS Livingstone John met Jasmine Haynes and after a few flirtatious encounters the pair fell in love.

John’s most recent Assignment was aboard the USS Cassiopeia, where he served as chief Flight Control Officer. He served aboard for only a short time as he suffered a severe concussion that left him hospitalised for the last 3 months following an explosion in a science lab that he had been passing.

Having now recovered enough to return to duty, but not to flight, he was briefly assigned to the USS Rhea as acting chief Engineer to see out the remainder of his recovery. It was whilst he was here that he and Jazz discovered that long distance just wasn’t working for them, and ‘went their separate ways’.

Now he finds himself between assignments and enjoy a spot of leave in the interim.

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A