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Zemi N'Orgun

Name Zemi N'Orgun

Position Ojnas Envoy

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ojnas
Date of Birth (Age) 85 earth years
Place of Birth Ojnas generational vessel

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Silver white
Eye Color Light Lilac
Physical Description Zemi is a typical Ojnas female, she is smaller than an average female and quite a bit smaller the an average male Ojnas. Her skin is milky coffee coloured and can change it's hue when she has an emotional response. Like all Ojnas, she is connected to other Ojnas through a mental link. This can be extended to other species, but is not advisable due to possible mental damage. She has six digits on each hand, and is a tripod. Ojnas are Psychic, and can and will use that ability.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Mozztar N'Orgun
Mother Atenom N'Orgun
Brother(s) Ojnas are born in litters, so yes
Sister(s) see above
Other Family Countless aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ojnas are a spiritual people, and honour means a lot to them. They live in extended family groups and are normally attached to one of the great Family's houses. Their blood is copper based like the Vulcans, and a ability picked up in their travels is being able to blend into the background and remain unseen. They can at times seem over confident, but this is because Ojnas will attempt anything their Sinkahue (Captain) or any other superior tells them to do. They are unable to work or survive long in high temperatures, becoming comatose very quickly. Females serve in female only guard battalions, this is because the male Ojnas normally take an offensive role. The female units were left to guard both the civilian and religious communities.
Strengths & Weaknesses S, Loyalty, once you have gained the trust of an Ojnas they remain loyal to you for life. Separation from a loved one or close friend can cause them physical pain. S, Ability to understand any readout, and mentally alter it if required.
W, Can and will undertake tasks beyond their capability. W, Unable to withstand or operate in high temperatures
Ambitions Ojnas ambitions tend to focus around family and species.
Languages Ojnas, Standard Federation English

Personal History Zemi is a Sha-Rathsue (Lt Commander), she has combat experience and this is why she has no mate. She chose to forgo mating and family so she could protect her species. Most of her military career took place in the Agephia System, close to the Bajoran System. This was one of seven returned to the Ojnas by the Tholians as part of a Federation peace treaty. She was chosen as an Ojnas Envoy because of her curiosity about the Federation, and her ability to make friends easily. She is earnest in all she undertakes, and has grand plans for an Ojnas enclave to be established on Langley Station.
Medical Records These will be forth coming at sometime in the future.
Service Record The Ojnas Republican Forces have not released Zemi's records, her service against the Tholians in the short war before the Federation stepped in and negotiated a peace settlement. Have been classified secret, as they hold sensitive information on several Ojnas military missions.

Station Data

Quarters Single room
Roommates None
Office Diplomatic Office
Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A