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David Banninga

Name David Benjamin Banninga

Position Familymember

Character Information

Gender male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 29-10-2363 (31)
Place of Birth USS Firebrand

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 82 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Children Charlotte Anje (Lotte) Banninga
Father David Benjamin - DECEASED
Mother Elisabeth Banninga - DECEASED
Sister(s) Kate Anje Banninga, Commanding Officer Langley Station
Other Family Reuwke Banninga - Maternal grandfather
Harmina Banninga - Maternal grandmother

Personality & Traits

Personal History David and his twin sister Kate were born on the the USS Firebrand where their parents were stationed. In 2367, when the Borg attacked the Federation at Wolf 359, Kate and David survived the attack, but their parents did not. On returning to Earth they were reunited with their grandparents, Reuwke and Harmina Banninga and raised by them in Groningen, in the north west of Europe.

After highschool David went to the university to study law. When he graduated five years later he was supposed to join the family business but he didn't want too anymore and decided to travel the galaxy instead. Much against his grandfathers wishes.

When Kate expressed her wish to join Starfleet and begged him to get back home, he did so. Wanting to give her a chance to pursuit her dreams. He has been working ever since as the Company's Chief Legal Officer, and slowly taking over more and more of the day to day running from his elderly grandfather. Including the secret part of the company.

It had always been their grandfathers plan to let Kate take over the business. During Kate's recovery at home after an incident from the Borg, they managed to convince their grandfather to let David take over the business as CEO, while Kate would assist where she could.

A few months after Kate returned to work and became the Commanding Officer of a space station near Cardassian space, he received a call from her about having found a baby abandoned on the station that was a DNA match to them. Given the baby's age she had to be the product of a short affair he had with the baby's mother. While his sister takes care of his new daughter he is on his way to travel to them.
Medical Records **USS Firebrand - 16-06-2366**
He has been diagnosed with the chicken pox. A mild sedative was administered along with an antipruritic topical cream. His twin sister was also diagnosed with the disease.

**Starfleet Headquarter - 05-01-2367**
David wasn't injured during the attack by the Borg, or in the aftermath. I do however recommend him visiting a counselor, to process the trauma. He has seen too much for a boy her age, and lost both his parents in the same event.
Service Record 09-2382 - 05-2386: studied law at university in Paris.
05-2386 - 12-2387: Traveled the galaxy.
01-2388 - 03-2393: CLO at the Banninga Company.
04-2393 - now: CEO at the Banninga Company.