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Lieutenant Domin Wolfe

Name Domin Wolfe

Position Chief Station Operations

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Date of Birth (Age) 10/05/1810 (584)
Place of Birth El Auria

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4
Weight 250 lbs
Hair Color Black, but shaves head.
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A large muscular build with a tall intimidating presence at 6’4”. He has dark chestnut brown eyes and a smile that is easily seen, whenever it occurs. Has a large frame with a defined very muscular body from weight training and wrestling. Also has a tattoo on the shoulder and arm of his previous injury.


Father Halsin Wolfe (DECEASED)
Mother Loshta Wolfe (942) - Unemployed
Brother(s) Ol Wolfe (510) - Wolfe Methods, CEO
Ziga Wolfe (401) - Xenobiologist
Le'Ba Wolfe (386) - DECEASED, Former El Aurian Defence Force Wing Commander
Sister(s) Iver Wolfe (331) - Rear Admiral, Commanding Officer, Starbase One
Mel'ia Wolfe (287) - Wolfe Methods, CFO

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Tactical Mind.
Loyalty is unshakeable.
His physical strength and agility for a man his size.

At times can be tunnel visioned.
Can be temperamental.
Ambitions Always to aim high and bring his people home.
Hobbies & Interests Domin is a keen wrestler after learning the sport from a friend on Earth. He keeps fit by using the holodeck to train and take part in matches, it has also been known for him to hold matches as ‘stress relief’ on his ships before a battle, or just as a general event.
Languages El Aurian, Federation Standard - Bolian, Betazoid, Klingon, Trill, Vulcan

Personal History Domin was born in 1810 (Earth years) on El-Auria to parents Halsin and Loshta Wolfe. His father was a General in The El-Aurian military and his mother an engineer by trade. His childhood was one of great ease and comfort as his father’s position allowed them to live as such. His mother, a credited engineer within the EDF, had worked alongside his father for almost their entire lives pushing the envelope in terms of military technology and weapons against their nemesis The Borg.

As an El-Aurians lifespan stretches throughout the centuries Dom spent the first 20 years of his life in primary education learning mathematics and language skills that would serve his well in the future. At the age of 25 they enter secondary school and the first 15 years are spent learning more complex skills such as the social sciences of sociology, psychology and the like whilst more intricate science in physics, chemistry and biology. By the age of 40 they enter the final phase of secondary education is a 5 year speciality focus which is identified by performance criteria, intelligence factors and family background.

He was spotlighted for an engineering track, as he had an acute keen technical mind.

At the age of 45 his speciality education began at The El-Aurian Engineering Division (EED). He began an apprenticeship within the EED focusing on defensive technologies for their civilian and military fleets. During his apprenticeship he contributed to the new defence shield for smaller moons, later was given the green light to be expanded to encompass larger planets and the strength to fight off Borg engagements.

In 2165 he completed his apprenticeship with The EED and was granted the title of a full engineer and transferred to The El-Aurian Defence Division (EDD). In this he ran his own lab, had his own team which focused Borg defences, that was a great honour as they began to pose a greater threat to their own system as they encroached further into their domain.

The early 2200's were a time of breakthrough in his lab. They had managed to design a code that would essentially put The Borg to 'sleep', a state of suspended hibernation but it was the job of the EDF to implement it.

Dom went along with the small fleet whose job it was to 'infect' The Borg with something of their own. Targeting a small sphere, they attacked with great ferocity tearing down their defences, beating back the drones with sheer determination and strength. During the attack Dom suffered an injury to his left shoulder when a Borg drone attacked his as he worked on a nearby node. In the attack the drone lunged at his with a knife-like implement entering his shoulder at speed and force. During the struggle the implement snapped off leaving half of it in his shoulder, and he refused to get it removed. His pain would stand as a testament to not let bullies have their day.

They were successful. Dom worked through the pain of his injured body and managed to infect the Borg with a taste of their own medicine. Upon its activation they simply stopped, dropped and snoozed. Had They won?

Years of prosperity began; worlds began to live their lives without fear and friendships born out of love and coming togetherness that hadn't been seen for centuries. El-Auria itself became a hub of many hundreds of species that came to pay their 'respects'. Dom became quite famous as the leader of the team that made it all happen albeit he didn't let it go to his head and kept working on many projects to further advance his people.

Their peace lasted until the latter half of The 2280's. There had been whispers of Borg resurfacing albeit sluggishly in nature as the code seemingly began to wear off. Attacks became more frequent, more violent as they seemed to lack their collective mentality... it was almost like they were heading straight for El-Auria to enact their revenge for their near 90 years of forced sleep.

Many labs, not just his own, spun back into action trying to come up with an attachment to the code to strengthen it, embolden it... to put Them back to sleep. Unknown to others was that his team had been working on a 'kill' code that would sever all links to the collective and essentially reject all mechanical implements bonded to biological parts.

2293 came. They tried, they really tried but it was a lost cause. Was there ever any hope?

Dom tried to get his kill code completed but simply ran out of time, technology and a home world. His devastation was clear, but he took some solace in the fact he had given people nearly a century of peace from Their mechanical grasp. On The flip side there was a part of his that possibly blamed himself... did They come for Them in revenge?


The 2300's brought a new challenge, new worlds and a new quadrant.

People in this side of the galaxy had no idea what was coming, The threat The Borg were and they would be on their doorstep within their lifetimes, within the century by his calculations. He was ignored by man as the thought of mechanical men coming to infect them with technology was a completely ludicrous idea and many branded his mad. Eventually he was well known within the quadrant as the Mad El-Aurian preaching the death of the quadrant and he withdrew from his galaxy.

It was during this time he set up his own lab, his own company Wolfe Methods. They specialised in again defensive technologies for those who wanted to pay for them, after all he wasn't a charity and needed to survive.

In 2365 The USS Enterprise was thrust across the galaxy and was forced into an engagement with those whom he had warned them all about, The Borg. Soon after that Starfleet sought Dom out and asked for any assistance, he could offer but he didn't agree straight away remembering the doors that were slammed in his face at the start of the century.

By 2370 he began to work with Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a civilian adviser. This lasted many years before it was decided, in 2382, that for Dom required a commission to be granted more access to resources and personnel than a civilian could muster.

He spent years at the Fleet Operations Centre in San Francisco working with the corps devising technologies both offensive and defensive to help protect those within the Federation, a home he'd realised he missed without knowing.

It was like he was let out of a cage in 2391 as he was given command of a small science vessel trying to piece together The Hobus disaster. What happened? How it happened? Was it a weapon? He had 4 years to find out.

Realising he missed space travel he opted to remain amongst the stars asking for a position in which he could utilise his skills in a different environment.
Medical Records Left shoulder injury due to mission that led to Borg 'sleep'. Has Borg attachment piece still within shoulder, refused removal treatment.
Service Record Starfleet Record
2370 --> 2382 - Fleet Operations Centre, San Francisco - Civilian Advisor, Engineering 'Guest'
2382 --> 2388 - Fleet Operations Centre, San Francisco - Lead Engineer, Borg Division
2388 --> 2391 - Fleet Operations Centre, San Francisco - Lead Engineer, Offensive/Defensive Tech Division
2391 --> 2395 - Engineering Exploratory Vessel, USS Madeira, Office in Charge
2395 --> PRES - Station Operations Chief, Langley Station

Station Data

Quarters Level 9-11 Q
Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A