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Ensign T'Kara Daughter of G’ralia

Name T'Kara Daughter of G’ralia

Position Public Safety Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Klingon
Date of Birth (Age) 4/08/2371 (24)
Place of Birth Santa Fe, New Mexico, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78m (5'10")
Weight 61kg (135lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall, dark haired with a lean musculature.


Father Stravok, Federation Diplomat
Mother G’ralia, Daughter of Azan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Since she is a mixture of two opposing races/cultures, T'Kara is often seen as emotionally or mentally unbalanced.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Excellent small craft pilot
+ Quick witted
+ Adaptable

- Can be sarcastic
- Sometimes comes across as mentally unbalanced.
Hobbies & Interests Flying

Martial arts

Languages Fed. Std, Vulcan

Personal History The result of a drunken affair between a Vulcan diplomat and the daughter of a Klingon noble, T'Kara was born on Earth, where her mother settled after she was exiled for bringing dishonour to her house. As a result she picked up some odd human idiosyncrasies.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2387 - 2391
Graduated with a major in Security and a minor in Tactical
Stunt Pilot - Delta Squadron - Rigel Cup Winner 2390
2391 -2392 - Security Officer – Starbase 7 (Ensign)
Cross-trained in Engineering.
2392 - 2393 - Security/Tactical Officer/Engineer – USS Deimos (Ensign)
2393 - 2394 - Security/Tactical Officer/Engineer - USS Shanghai (Ensign)
2394 - Security/Tactical Officer/Engineer - USS Yorktown (Ensign)
2395 - Security/Tactical Officer/Engineer - USS Rhea (Ensign)
2396 - Security Officer- Langley Station (Ensign)

Station Data

Quarters Level 18-24 Q
Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A