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Lieutenant Jaana Voutilainen

Name Jaana Voutilainen PhD

Position Stellar Cartographer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 01-05-2362 (32)
Place of Birth Helsinki, Finland, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 163 cm (5'4'')
Weight 65kg (143 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jaana is has always been slightly chubby but lost a lot of wait in the last year. She has wavy black hair, originally blond. She used to put little effort in her looks, wore almost no make-up and wore loose, baggy clothes. But since her therapy she does her best to look her best.


Father Aksel Voutilainen, Teacher
Mother Anya Voutilainen, Professor of Mathematics, University of Tampere
Sister(s) Tuula Voutilainen
, identical twin, Chief Medical Officer, Langley Station

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jaana is a shy and quiet woman. Of the two sisters, she is by far the most studious. She works best alone and prefers to spend her off time in the library reading or studying. She is very passionate about her work. It was all she wanted to do for as long as she remembers. She found the coursework difficult, because of her dyslexia and her lecturers were skeptical as to whether she had the ability to graduate at all, but due to sheer determination, she was able to prove them wrong.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Determined and not easily distracted, Jaana is a very focused individual who has a keen ability to concentrate on the task at hand without becoming preoccupied with things going on around her. Her strong resolve and firm decision-making goes hand-in-hand with her studious nature, and her knowledge of her field makes her a very competent and productive team member.

Jaana's determination and focus can sometimes have negative effects. She is prone to getting so caught up in her tasks that she occasionally forgets the world around her which can make her appear as being anti-social and uninterested in others. Through the years she has suffered from an eating disorder, bulimia. After intense therapy she has learned to deal with but food will always be her biggest weakness. Jaana is also dyslexic which has been a constant challenge for her to overcome throughout her academic life. She often finds it difficult to read and write accurately, and she struggles with her spelling and grammar when filing reports.
Ambitions Since accomplishing her true dream, getting her PhD she doesn’t have any professional ambitions. She does however have a personal ambition, to find true love and settle down, but is in no hurry to pursue that dream jet.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, listening to classical music and tri-dimensional chess.
Languages Federation standard, Finnish

Personal History Jaana is the younger half of identical twins. It took her parents many months to conceive, so when they heard they were getting two babies they were very thrilled. Even though Jaana and Tuula look similar they have a very different character, and always have from when they were little.

Being the daughter of two teachers she found her love to learn easy on. But no matter how hard she tried she could never keep up with the rest of her children. She would always be making mistakes in her work even after studying for hours and knowing everything from cover to cover. Based on his classroom experience, her father came with the idea that she might have dyslexia. She was tested and passed with flying colors -- the first test in her life that she passed. From then on things improved with therapy and she made the agreement with herself to achieve the highest possible academic achievements.

Jaana and her sister were inseparable up until high school. They went to the same school, took the same classes, and participated in the same extra-curricular activities. Upon entering high school, the admissions computer randomly assigned them to different math classes. Despite their protestations, the school administrators didn’t budge, reasoning it would be good for the girls to make some new friends.

Separated from each other for second period, the girls soon all fell in with new crowds. Soon they were all dressing differently, talking differently, and taking on new personalities. While they hung out with different groups at school, they would usually walk home together.

In high school, Jaana quickly found friends amongst a group of students who would study in the library during breaks. They were a quiet, studious bunch, many of whom had difficulties interacting socially with other students and were sometimes picked on by “the popular kids.” One of them had model rocketry as a hobby, and soon they were hanging out after class, building model rockets and looking at the stars. It took her a lot of effort and determination to graduate, but her friends made all the hours spent studying worth it and she managed to graduate with high enough grades to qualify for Starfleet Academy.

For the first two years after graduation from the Academy she worked at the astronomy division of Starfleet Headquarters, to further knowledge herself and prepare her for the next step in her life plan. A master’s degree. During this time her sister Tuula entered Starfleet Medical, after some convincing by Jaana of the merits of Starfleet service. Later that same year Tuula had a shuttle accident which left her wheelchair bound. Jaana felt responsible for it, as she convinced Tuula to join Starfleet, and if she had continued her studies in Finland she would have never been aboard that transport. She spend all her free time with her sister and helped her recuperate from her injuries.
When Tuula wanted to rejoin the academy to finish her medical studies, she was refused by the board due to she was not physically capable of serving in Starfleet. Jaana took it as her personal crusade to fight for her sister and proved the board of their wrongful judgement. Her sister’s case inspired Jaana to continue with her lifetime plan and go back to school. She was offered a position as a teaching assistant, what was perfect for her because besides the fact that she loved to teach, it also gave her the opportunity to do her studies and research at her own pace, without having to worry about her dyslexia.

Two years later, she finished her Master’s Degree and began her PhD studies in Stellar Cartography. Soon after finishing the class portion of her degree, her research took her to the USS Galileo, where she received a commission as a Stellar Cartography Officer.

Not being able to handle the stress of her new job she started again with her eating disorder, which she thought she had under control. After months of overeating followed by throwing up she was found in a hallway, passed out. After Sickbay healed most of the physical damage she went to Earth to undergo therapy. After 2,5 months she was released, and before she started her new life she decided to change some things to her appearance. She went shopping for clothes to replace her baggy clothes and died her blonde hair black. Bringing one of the things she learned at therapy. If you look good, you also feel good. Or at least better.

Since her release she has worked at Starfleet Headquarters as a Science Officer. Working on different research subjects related to her field, stellar cartography and also teaching a few classes.

After three years working on Earth Jaana was called into her boss's office and told the Federation had placed a new space station in the former Cardassian DMZ and that it was in dire need of a Stellar Cartographer.
Service Record 2380 - 2384: Starfleet Academy – Science Student (BSc)
2384 - 2386: Starfleet Headquarters - Science Ops - Planetary Geosciences Division
2386 - 2390: Starfleet Academy - Teaching Assistant Science Division
2387-2389: Masters Degree study - Graduated (MSc)
2389-2391: PhD studies – Graduated (PhD)
2390 - 2391: Stellar Cartography Officer – USS Galileo
2391 - 2393: Starfleet Headquarters – Science Ops - Planetary Geosciences Division
2391 - 2393: Starfleet Academy - Teaching Science Division
2394 - now: Langley Station - Stellar Cartographer

Station Data

Quarters Level 9-11 Q
Office Level 33-36 - Stellar Cartography Bay
Duty Level Delta Shift
Security Level Level Five