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Captain Judith Rouse

Name Judith Amy Rouse

Position Company Executive

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 02 August 2359 (36)
Place of Birth St. Rupert, Canada, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.60m
Weight 55 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color bLUE
Physical Description Judith has a slim, trained body. She has short brown hair and blue eyes. Due to the accident she has multiple scars, following the surgeries.


Father Ralph T. Rouse (Wildlife Tour Guide, Prince Rupert, Canada, Earth)
Mother Sharon M. Rouse (Neé Whitfield)
Brother(s) Michael R. Rouse (Café owner, Prince Rupert, Canada, Earth) and Timothy A. Rouse (Executive Officer, USS USS Sedna)
Sister(s) Irma Rouse (Neé Silverstein) (Sister in law) and Ellen Rouse (Neé Washington) (Sister in law)
Other Family Suzy Rouse (Niece, age 6) and Andrew Rouse (Nephew, age 2)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Judith is a smart young lady, who experienced that life is to valuable to wast it. She loves the outdoors and outdoor sports.
Strengths & Weaknesses + She is persistent, and doesn't give up when she want something.
+ Good in hand to hand combat.
+ Is an excellent riflemen.

- Is a daredevil, but is calmer since the accident.
- Can be very stubborn.
- Get's headaches sometimes.
Ambitions Be the best in everything she does
Hobbies & Interests Flying, Rafting, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Mountain biking and Running.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Judith was born on august 2nd 2359 in Prince Rupert, Canada, Earth as the third child of Robert and Irma Rouse. During her childhood years she often went with her father, a Wildlife Guide to work, thereby she discovered a love for sports like rafting, hiking and mountain biking. But it wasn't until she was older that she found her real passion. Flying. When her father took her on a trip with his own plane she knew that she wanted to fly herself. She was 15 when she got her pilot licence.

She knew what she had to do to reach her ultimate goal, become a Marine pilot and that's where she worked to. At 18 she got accepted to Starfleet Academy with a Major in Mathematics. Upon her graduation 4 years later she enrolled in Flight School, followed by Advanced Flight School and Advanced Fighter Tactics Course. With graduation she received a posting on the USS Patton, a Normandy Class Starship.

After serving as a Marine Pilot for two years she became Flight Leader. Meaning she lead 4 elements, 8 pilots. Received a promotion to 1st Lieutenant.

Then in October '88 during a routine mission her fighter crashed on an uninhabited planet. Against everyone's expectations she survived the crash, but because of the seriousness of her injuries they kept her in a coma until she had been transported to Starfleet Medical on earth. When on earth she was diagnosed with several broken bones, including her neck. The doctor's treating her said it would be a miracle if she would completely heal, let alone be able to walk.

After two weeks in a coma, and then 6 more months in the hospital Judith had recovered enough to be released from the hospital and she went back to her hometown to live with her parents. Knowing she wouldn't be able to walk, or fly, she got caught in a depression. Now one was able to get her out of bed, not her parents, her brother Michael or even her little niece, who she loved with all her heart.

During her brother Tim's leave from the ship he was serving on, he got through to her. And she started to see than even though she couldn't perform the job she loved, she didn't have to give up flying. All she needed to do was get back on her feet and fight to get her live back. And that's what she did. Again she amazed the Medical world and learn to walk again, and eventually practice the sports she loved so much all those years.

When she thought she was ready she went back to Starfleet Medical. She got the news that due to her injuries she couldn't return to her old job. Therefor she decided to switch to the light infantry units of the SFMC. After the Junior Officer Training she accepted a posting as the Ares Marine Commanding Officer.

But unfortunately disaster struck again. During an away mission to disable an attacking Klingon vessel Judith was seriously injured when a beam fell on her back. Crushing multiple vertebrae. They were able to repair the damage but this time she wouldn’t be able to fully recover. She regained the ability to walk, but that was about it. She can’t run, stand still for a long time or fight. When Judith heard the news she just accepted it and moved on. But never really processed it. The Marines were her life. Deep in her mind she thinks that she can beat this once more.

She got a special position within Starfleet, keeping her Marine rank and uniform. Starfleet send her to starships that need improving on certain departments. Because of her Marine and Fighter background she can advise on Security, Flight Ops and Fighters departments. For Judith this position is just temporarily. When she gains all her abilities again she will get back to her beloved Marine Corp.

After the decommissioning of the Portland Judith followed her fellow crewmates on their new destination and got a position as one of the Company Commanders of the station's Marines.
Service Record 2377-2381: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth.
-2379: Picked Mathematics as a Major.
-2381: Graduated the Academy with the Rank of Second Lieutenant.

2381-2383: Flight School, Advanced Flight School and Advanced Fighter Tactics Course, Camp Mimas, Earth.
-2383: Graduated.

2390: Junior Officer Training, Quantico, Earth.
-2390: Graduated.

2383-2388: USS Patton, Marine Pilot.
-2385: Became Flight Leader.
-2385: Promoted to First Lieutenant.
2388-2390: Crashed during a mission due to a technical malfunction. After spending months at Starfleet Medical she recovered at home.
2390-2391: USS Ares, Marine Commanding Officer / Second Officer
2391-2395: USS Portland, Security Advisor
2395 - now: Langley Station, 9th Marine Regiment