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Legate Iliana Dahe'el

Name Iliana Dahe'el

Position Commanding Officer CDS Ageton

Rank Legate

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Date of Birth (Age) June 26, 2346 (50)
Place of Birth Capital, Cardassia Prime

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8 m (6’0”)
Weight 63 kg (140 lb)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and buxom, a little more well-endowed than the average Cardassian female. Her alluring green eyes also make her stand out from other Cardassians. Usually has her hair up in coiled braids while on duty, but enjoys letting it down off duty.


Spouse Zuriale Kellere (husband)
Children Soliz (daughter, 9), Iskeli (son, 6)
Father Ineton
Mother Veshin
Other Family Aemi Lorend (lover and assistant)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Driven, competitive. Iliana is what many refer to as one of the “new Cardassians”, less xenophobic, less superior, more willing to work with the interstellar community.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Tough, driven, survivor, innovative
Weaknesses: Plays favorites, keeps politically unhealthy relationships, a bit of a womanizer, dislikes the traditional Cardassian homemaker tasks.
Ambitions Maintain Cardassia on a new and more cooperative path; win the affection and approval of her father.
Hobbies & Interests Fusion: mixing traditional Cardassian tropes (music, food, dress, literature) with other cultures
Languages Cardassian, Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran, Jem’Hadar

Personal History Iliana was born and raised in a Cardassian Defense Force family. Her mother proudly maintained the homefront in the traditional way of women in Carassian society while her father proudly defended the Union’s borders, often away for long periods of time. An only child, Iliana found herself distant from a father who wanted a son to continue the family legacy in the Defense Force.

Iliana decided to make her father proud. She had always relished his tales of battle and victory for the Union, and she chafed under the traditional roles of the Cardassian female as homemaker and matron. She vowed to join the Defense Forces herself, despite the discouragement of her parents. Her father assured her that her career would stagnate in the junior officer corps and that it would be entirely dependent on being the plaything of some senior officer. Her mother said only whores were fit for military service.

Iliana campaigned for and received a sponsorship for the Military Academy from a more forward looking friend of her father’s in the Defense Force. She scored well at the Academy despite the stigma against women in the service, placing in the top ten percent of her class, excelling in starship operations.

But life in the Cardassian Defense Fleet was everything her father had said it would be. She found her career advancement checked at nearly every turn. As an exotically beautiful woman, she found herself with the unwanted attention of every senior officer she served under, and with her own inclinations for those of the female persuasion, it made it especially vexing. Hers was an inclination frowned upon in a single Cardassian female, though it was tolerated in a married woman if a certain discretion was maintained and she did her duty to the state by producing children.

With career advancement checked, Iliana decided to play the game. She knew she was as competent or more than those that bypassed her in rank. So she started to judiciously sleep her way into the promotions she deserved, clawing her way up to glinn.

With the outbreak of the Klingon and Dominion Wars, Iliana found the path to advancement easier. The direct conflict with an interstellar peer revealed the fractious ossification of the Cardassian military hierarchy, With the overthrow of the Central Command, the civilian Detapa Council made entry and advancement in the Defense Force easier for women, and this was furthered by the withering defeats the Cardassians received late in the war. Iliana found herself moving from operations in the lower decks to the bridge officer position on the Skorpio. In the last months of the war, through a series of battlefield promotion and a lack of experienced senior officers, Iliana became the first and youngest female gul in the Cardassian Defense Fleet.

At the end of the war, during the Occupation of Cardassia, Iliana was appointed as the Cardassian military liaison to Starfleet over the sector of the capital assigned to Federation oversight. She found herself working with and appreciating the aid of the Starfleet officers when she faced raids from the Klingon sector. Eventually she was put in overall charge of relations between the Cardassian military and Starfleet when the Klingons and Romulans pulled out of the occupation.

After the war, Iliana found her career threatened by the traditional politics and mores of a Cardassian society attempting to return to some semblance of normalcy. Unwilling to give up the power and advancement she had worked so hard to claw into her possession, she did what she had always done. She played the game. Iliana met a rising artist with similar sexual inclinations to her own that was also looking for an understanding relationship that would enable him to pursue his career and discreet romantic interests without the disapprobation of polite Cardassian society. He was from a good family, and so the match was approved by Iliana’s and Zuriale’s parents and they were married. Good friends, though hardly in love, they did their duty to the State and produced two children. Iliana returned to her career in the Defense Fleet, leaving Zuriale and a nanny to look after the children.

Currently Iliana serves as legate of the Eighth Order, which is currently stationed on the border opposite the new Starfleet facility Langley Station.
Service Record 2364 - Enters Cardassian Military Academy
2368 - Assigned to the Barkano transport ship as operations officer
2372 - Klingon War begins; assigned to Skorpio, a Keldon-class, as operations officer; promoted to glinn
2373 - Dominion War begins; Skorpio destroys Lyshan Colony; becomes First Officer of the Skorpio after killing the gul in a mutiny.
2375 - Battlefield promotion to gul and in command of the Skorpio after most other senior officers are killed; Dominion War ends
2376 - Assigned as Cardassian military liaison to the Starfleet occupation forces.
2377 - Assigned as Cardassian External Military Liaison
2379 - Starfleet occupation of Cardassia ends.
2381 - Given command of the Aldara.
2386 - Given command of the Vetar.
2391 - Promoted to Legate and put in command of the Ageton and the Eighth Order
2396 - Langley Station opens

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A