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Lieutenant JG Neera Bixx

Name Neera Bixx

Position Soil Scientist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian
Date of Birth (Age) June 27, 2366 (28)
Place of Birth Bolarus IX

Physical Appearance

Height 166 cm (5'5")
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Neera is of average height and build, perhaps slightly on the curvy side, as are most of her species. A Bolian, she is bald and blue-skinned, with a line of cartilage running down the center of her face.


Father Jaro Bixx
Mother Olba Bixx
Other Family Multiple siblings and co-parents

Personality & Traits

General Overview Neera is outgoing and gregarious, as are most of her species. She comes from an upper-class background and as such she enjoys the finer things, be it expensive wines, rare art, or Michelin-starred restaurants. While she is dedicated to soil sciences, she does occasionally bemoan the lack of creature comforts while doing fieldwork.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Knowledge of multiple languages
+ Intelligent and outgoing
- Somewhat sheltered upbringing; not used to difficult conditions
Ambitions To be a renowned soil scientist and get published in some of the most prestigious academic journals in her field.
Hobbies & Interests Neera inherited from her family certain aristocratic tastes. On Bolias, she played the sport of Jaxxa, which is similar to the Earth sport of polo, albeit with giant ostriches instead of horses.
Languages Federation Standard, Bolian (multiple dialects), Vulcan, Ferengi

Personal History Neera is the fifth child of Jaro and Olba Bixx, and comes from a long line of influential Bolians. Jaro, her father, is a star criminal defence lawyer on Bolarus, while her mother is a senior manager at the Bank of Bolias. The Bixx dynasty includes a number of prominent businessmen, traders, and politicians. The family business, Bixx-Mopp Corporation, is the second-largest producer of seafood on Bolarus, the owner of a large number of vineyards, and the seventh-largest producer of tiny springs in the sector.

As such, she had a very privileged background growing up. She could have gotten into any university on Bolarus, however she shocked her parents when she decided to, instead of studying law or business like so many of her brothers and sisters, decided to dedicate her life to the study of dirt.

After completing her Bchelor's degree on Bolarus, she moved to Vulcan to do her Master's. Her three years on Vulcan were somewhat difficult due to the vast cultural differences between Vulcans and Bolians, however she persevered and graduated with honours.

After graduation, she wanted to get away from the stuffy atmosphere of the elite universities. She saw that Starfleet was looking for soil scientists to support colonial and terraforming operations, and she jumped at the opportunity, eventually being assigned to Langley Stations
Medical Records Minor injuries suffered playing Jaxxa in 2359 on her university team, when she was thrown from her mount and trampled by a giant ostrich.
Service Record Enrolled in Starfleet in 2364, through a fast-track program designed to fast-track highly-educated applicants through officer training.
Officer training, 2364-2366
Langley Station, 2366-present

Station Data

Quarters Level 18-24 Q
Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A