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Captain Alenis Meru

Name Alenis Meru

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Date of Birth (Age) May 1, 2355 (age 39)
Place of Birth Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 163 cm (5'4'')
Weight 60 kg (133 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Alenis is of average height, with an athletic build. She has dark hair, which is usually kept at about shoulder length. With her dark eyes, she has a piercing gaze, and wears a traditional Bajoran earring


Father Krim Jonis (deceased)
Mother Alenis Kendra (currently living in Minneapolis, Earth)
Sister(s) Inaji Narale (half-sister, half-Cardassian)
Other Family Ko-ko (pet bird)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She wears traditional Bajoran earrings, more to represent her connection to Bajor than any spiritual connection to the prophets. Being estranged from Bajor for her entire adult life until now meant that she had never delved as deeply into the Bajoran religion as those who had ample opportunity to study it. However, she still respects the role that the religion played in sustaining the Bajoran people through the occupation, and is becoming increasingly devout after her return to Bajor and subsequent events in 2392.

Alenis is very confident and headstrong, and not known to conceal her opinions. This meant that she had at times been difficult to get along with, however Captain Baxx had respected her for her sound judgement and willingness to passionately argue for her point of view – sometimes even getting the better of their Tellarite Tactical Officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Confident, headstrong
+ Strong tactical skills
+ Physically fit
+ Unusually lucky
- Difficult to talk her out of an idea, even if it is a bad one
- Willingness to bend orders have possibly limited career advancement
- Flashbacks from the USS Gol
- Formerly addicted to powerful tranquilizers
- Occasional loneliness due to the burden of command
- Dislikes Cardassians
Hobbies & Interests Her hobbies include playing the belaklavion, a traditional Bajoran musical instrument known to be difficult to master. She is a fairly skilled chess player, although she has gotten somewhat rusty, not having anyone to play against on her last assignment. Additionally, she spends much time studying Bajoran religious texts, and practices Bajoran martial arts to keep fit. She has a large collection of teas in her office, and a small collection of not tea in her quarters.
Languages Federation Standard, Bajoran

Personal History Alenis Meru is a child of the occupation, being born during the brutal Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Her childhood was rough, as it was for most Bajorans under the occupation – the first years of her life she suffered from malnourishment and physical and emotional abuse at the hands of the Cardassians.

In 2364, when she was 9 years old, she escaped with her mother and sought refuge in Federation space, eventually settling on Earth. Her father was left behind, and Alenis had never found out what happened to him.

Looking to get away from Earth, which had been her home for the better part of a decade, and having bad memories of Bajor, Alenis enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2372. Enrolling into the academy right after high school, she went into the Security/Tactical stream, focusing on starship combat tactics. She excelled at the Academy, graduating with honours. Unfortunately, the Federation-Dominion war was threatening to heat up in the early 2370s, and though she did not graduate in time to participate, she was present during the Breen attack on Earth.

After graduating, Alenis was assigned to the USS Korea, where she served for seven years. Despite several disciplinary citations for being out of uniform, stemming from her refusal to remove her traditional Bajoran earring, her skills and personal confidence helped her rise through the ranks relatively quickly, becoming Assistant Chief Tactical Officer by the end of her service on the Korea. The Korea was assigned to various tasks around the quadrant, including combat with the Cardassians during the Federation-Cardassian war.

Her next assignment was as Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Gol. Here, she served for three years before the ship was ordered to join a hastily-assembled fleet with the goal of repelling a Borg attack. The Gol was disabled in the opening salvoes of the battle, and the crew were unable to stop the warp core from going critical. Less than a third of the crew was able to escape, and Alenis was the highest ranking officer who was able to make it off the ship. After the battle she met with shipboard counselors - one of them Dr. Arvel Darze - for various mental health issues stemming primarily from this engagement. However, this did not stop her from being assigned to the and later the USS ShiKahr as first officer.

After the destruction of the Gol, Alenis served as first officer of the USS ShiKahr under the Bolian Captain Baxx for several years. She had gotten along well with Rixx; the captain valued her sound judgement and willingness to speak her mind, even if it meant questioning his orders.

In 2392, she was finally given her own command, the USS Portland, a Miranda class vessel. During this time, she was killed on a mission to Gamia III, after being possessed by the pah-wraiths. In an alternate future, former crew members banded together to rescue her spirit; she had returned shortly after her funeral. After extensive questioning from both Starfleet Medical and the Department of Temporal Investigations, she was allowed to return to duty.

In 2392, the Portland was dispatched to a nebula to stop the Borg from completing a transwarp conduit which could be used as a staging point from which to launch a massive attack against the Federation. Here, the crew of the Portland destroyed the conduit, while the Endeavour rescued Captain Banninga, aka Locasta of Borg.
Medical Records - Some malnutrition and communicable diseases in childhood common to Bajoran refugees
- Counselling and other mental health treatment following the destruction of the USS Gol at the battle of New Algiers
- Died in 2392. Got better.
Service Record 2373-2377: Starfleet Academy
2377-2380: Energy Weapons Officer, USS Korea (Ambassador Class)
2380-2382: Tactical Officer, USS Korea
2382-2386: Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, USS Korea
2386-2389: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Gol (Ambassador Class)
2389-2390: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Britannia (Excelsior Class)
2390-2391: First Officer, USS ShiKahr (Centaur Class)
2391-2394: Commanding Officer, USS Portland (Miranda Class)

Station Data

Quarters Level 9-11 Q
Office USS Sedna
Duty Level Alpha Shift
Security Level Level Ten