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Nala Keved

Name Nala Keved

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Character Information

Gender female
Species Cardassian
Date of Birth (Age) 12-02-2360 (34)

Physical Appearance


Spouse Thomas Wolf (Divorced)
Children Gila Wolf (8 years)
Brother(s) Zalek Keved

Personality & Traits

Languages Cardassian, Federation Standard

Personal History Born on Cardassia Prime on February 2nd, 2360. Got a modest upbringing on Cardassia with a father that was a low-level bureaucrat and a mother who was a shopkeeper. When she was 12 years old she came to live with her brother on Lyshan as her family thought it would be safer with a war approaching. And they were right because only a year later the Dominion war broke out.

Living on the colony was hard for her. The other colonist weren't exactly happy with their occupiers and they saw Nala as being one of them. Especially after the war had started. The first two years of the war the colony turned out to be a safer location for her indeed. But that all changed when the Dominion dame to Lyshan in 2375. Jem'Hadar soldiers broke down doors, burned houses and lay waste to whole fields. The Cardassian forces on the planet were ordered to stand down while the colonist were dragged into public squares and executed one by one. For everyone to see.

Nala still has nightmares about that day. The fact that her brother abandoned her only days after the event didn't help much. When news arrived of the planetary bombardment on Cardassia Prime by Breen and Dominion forces and the news that her parents and immediate family didn't survive, she completely lost it. It would take her month, even years to overcome her fears and depression but eventually she managed to see the positive side of live again.

After the war she came to live with the colonies medic and her granddaughter who was about the same age as Nala. Together with another girl who had become a orphan during the massacre, Cassidy. Even though the girls were very different, they eventually became close friend. Even sister.