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Oktober 2021 Awards

Posted on Wed Oct 13, 2021 @ 1:22pm by Commodore Kate Banninga

What better way to celebrate a birthday then to give out awards.

The team and I have thought hard on what awards we wanted to hand out this edition. And we've came to the following:

First, the anniversary awards. These are given based on a person's time served on our game. Given the fact I have a tendency to hand these out, some receive multiple awards.

1 year: Clint McCord, Zemi, Ragnar Mellark, Ranulf McCloud and John Sheppard.
2 year: Ronald Hawk, John Sheppard, Tuula Voutilainen, Ragnar Mellark and Zemi.
3 year: Kate Banninga, Caoimhe O'Connor, Megan DuBois, Ronald Hawk and Anahera Chernova.
4 year: Kate Banninga, Caoimhe O'Connor, Anahera Chernova.

Our spotlights this edition go to:
Post in the Spotlight: Blood pact - A post run with emotion, where the crew of the Canterbury have to deal with the sudden departure to their new Captain.

Character in the Spotlight: John Sheppard - John is an amazingly written character, not only does he hold the record of the longest active character in a coma, but he's been through a lot. We saw a lot of him in the JPs with Suzie, how he evolves with the metal in him, finds love and beats the odds. He's got depth. I've even heard how lovely his relationship with Suzie is

We've come up with a few new awards. One of them is the diversity award for a writer who has written a character, or in this case an entire species, so realistic and good that it's a joy to read. The first edition of this award goes to Tuula Voutilainen for the creation and stories involving the Zourians.

And then last, but not least. The Captain's Personal Merit. When we were talking about finally doing this long overdue round of awards I jokingly said John deserved a award for being the only person who ever pissed me off so much that I kicked him from the sim. That's not why he is getting this award. No really not! He gets this award for all the work he has done over the last 18 months to keep our community going. He has been our most active member on the discord, even if he keeps annoying me with those stupid emoticons of his. And for that I want to thank him by giving this award.

Congratulation to all the winners! I will me displaying the new awards in the bio of your PC's this weekend, as well as update the award pages in our Langleyverse.


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