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Happy Birthday to Langley Station

Posted on Wed Oct 13, 2021 @ 1:00pm by Commodore Kate Banninga

I can hardly believe it's already been four years!

What started as a idea between four people to place a spacestation right next to the former demilitarized zone of Cardassian space. Has grown into a hub for many endeavours. From colony life on Lyshan Prime, to one of the two garrison science vessels, a huge research station and lately even a fighter company and a marine battalion. All of it revolving around our small space station.

But most important, we've created a family of writers. A place where people can write when they want to. We might not be the fastest posters or any other the other norms people use to measure a simulation game now a day. But we got something way more important. We have a community. We help each other with writing and coming up with amazing stories. But we're also there for each other if someone is going through thought times. Something I hope we'll continue to do in the coming years.

When it comes to our stories, something major is coming. It's been discussed heavily and we've started writing it already. The end of our current station and its replacement. But before we get our shiny new station we've got to let our characters experience a less comfortable life as they will be living as refugees on the colony while the station is on its way. I can't wait how our characters will handle all these lifechanging changes.

I end this message by lifting my imaginary glass and say "to many more years"

GM Langley Station.


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