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Let's start our new mission

Posted on Tue Sep 28, 2021 @ 9:16am by Commodore Kate Banninga

Good morning everyone,

We've finally properly started our new mission. Two JP's are in the process of being written and I've created the new mission in the site.

One of the two JP's we're working on will introduce the mission, but in the mean time you can already start writing posts as well. Just wait with posting them until the intro post has been posted.

What you need to know:
A archeology team accidently set off an ancient weapons that is set to destroy the planet. We've got 20 hours until the weapon goes off. Of course the first couple hours of those 20 hours (and maybe even till the last minute) will be spend in trying to find a way to prevent the weapon from going off.

But rather quickly Kate will give the order to evacuate the station. The station is rather big, so we'll need some time to accomplish that.

So what can you write. If you're interested in assisting in preventing the station being destroyed, let me know. In time Kate will create a group with that task.
But mainly what you can all start writing about is how you're characters will evacuate and arrive on the colony. Or if you've got a colony character, how they handle the evacuation on the colony side of things. Kate will contact the sheriff once the order to evacuate is given.

I hope this small explanation will give you a prompt to start writing in our new mission. If you've got any further question, feel free to ask.

In the coming days I will publish a shedule pertaining to Episode 2, so you all know how long things has been. The new mission will start on MD 1 of Episode 3. And each episode is 90 MD, so you can do some math yourself until I get the shedule ready.

Episode 2 will stay open for the time being so everyone can finish storylines. I'll keep a check on any JP's being worked on, and when I noticed there aren't any for the current episode I will close it.

Let's get some writing done.

Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station


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