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Announcement regarding Langley's XO!

Posted on Tue Oct 20, 2020 @ 12:25pm by Commodore Kate Banninga

Good afternoon everyone,

I’ve got an announcement for you.

After lots of talking and thinking over the last several week Dan has decided to step down as Executive Officer of Langley Station. To be frank, he even offered me to look for a replacement a few weeks ago, but I thought it wasn’t necessary and I’ll just do a bit more work myself. But as you’ve noticed over the last few weeks, Langley can’t be run without a good active XO. Given the fact that Dan’s personal life is very hectic right now and it doesn’t seem that’s going to change very soon and that he also has his own sim to run, I gave in and started looking for a new XO.

To my surprise that didn’t take me very long. The second person I asked said he’d love to assist with running Langley Station as his XO. He had plenty of XO and CO experience and has been a long-time member of Langley Station. Namely our very own Marine Captain Jack Wells. He will be revising his former character Sitok, Langley’s first Executive Officer. That was when our IC and OOC command structure was still very complicated and he only had the IC XO position.

How we are all going to work out things’ IC isn’t fully decided. What we do know is that Ronald Hawk will become the CO of our Garrison Ship the USS Canterbury (making that position even more cursed then it already is). OOC he will continue to part of the command team, but in an advisory capacity. As soon as we know more, you’ll either read it in a story, or a news item.

That’s it for now,

With regards,



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