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New storyline: Passing the Baton

Posted on Sat Sep 12, 2020 @ 1:56pm by Captain Kate Banninga

I've came up with a new story line that will be part of our regular mission First Unity. I hope to be telling, together with all of you, the story of how 24 hours on the station could look like.

It starts with a post by me writing Kate's morning. From the moment she wakes up to the start of her shift. I'll also be outlining how her schedule looks of the day looks like. Certain activities or meting will be written out in a JP. Like a security briefing at the beginning of her shift and a weekly senior staff briefing around noon.

The reason I'm calling it passing the baton is that I hope to see solo posts or JP's that start with the end of a previous JP. Or a post describing a characters actions prior to a JP. For example Kate's security briefing. What did the Chief of Security do prior to it, and what after. Maybe she has a staff meeting with her department before and maybe they have a training's excersize planned after it. Except for some mandatory meeting it's up to the writer what kind of things you write.

I want to start with the alpha shift and work towards beta and gamma shift as the stories progress.

For the practical side:
* Most characters have been assigned a certain shift. I'll be creating a list of who work in what shift. Off course you can request a different shift for your character (unless your a department head or deputy), or have your character switch a shift with a unnamed colleague.
* It's up to the writer what characters you use. I'll be mostly focusing on Kate, but if there is a NPC of mine in your department which you could use for your stories, feel free to add me. You can focus on one main characters or use all your characters, that's completely up to you.
* As mentioned earlier I want to start with Alpha shift. And while I won't work with closing certain time frames I do request you not start writing a post with a character in the Gamma shift.
* The date I've picked to use for this story line is MD 65 (March 30th, 2395). I picked this as there is nothing on the calendar, meaning every character (except the Sedna) should be available.
* Please pay extra attention with adding the time to your post so the mod I installed can line the stories up in chronological order.

The whole idea behind this is getting everyone to write. While you can do a post with your character, I'd like the focus to be on passing the baton. For example: We start with the security briefing, followed by a staff meeting by the security crew, followed by a training session between two security officer, followed by a story in medical as one of the two got injured. Etc etc.
Or starting at the senior staff briefing after which the chief Flight has a meeting with the pilots etc etc.
It would be great if we could find way of connecting every section of the station with each other. Off course there can also be other meeting in the morning that could start off the baton passing. Maybe the CMO has a meeting with the chief counselor. Or the Marine leader with someone on the colony who then has a meeting involving the kids. They don't need to be on duty meeting, but can also be two friends having lunch or breakfast together after which they split up and can pass the baton off to someone else.

Anyway, it became a huge explanation of my idea. I'll be starting a few JP's myself for meeting that happen in the morning and I encourage you to do as well. Let's see if we can get every part of our simulation involved.

CO Langley Station


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