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THAT virus - what it means for us

Posted on Wed Mar 18, 2020 @ 11:53am by Commander Ronald Hawk

Hello all.

As you are aware there is a current health pandemic spreading across the globe (unless you live under a rock). As much as we are an online space, it does mean it will have some effect on what we do here.

Firstly we anticipate illness among us, and that may have an effect on activity. As such there is no expectation for posting requirements to be met at this time. We simply ask you to attempt to post and tag as much as you usually would. But no fear if you can’t. We get it.

Secondly Kate is currently self isolating and is having to deal with homeschooling as the schools in the Netherlands have closed. As such she is unable to spend as much time as she usually would on Langley. For the time being could you all please send any queries, questions, or issues in my direction rather than in Hera. This will help her to focus on her family and her own health.

Keep well
Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer


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