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Valentines 2020

Posted on Sun Feb 2, 2020 @ 12:31pm by John Sheppard

Ladies and gentleman of Langley Station.

As of January 1st 2020 I have been appointed the Community-hero position here on Langley, this means that I together with the command team of this station will be in charge of creating non-mission critical events to bolster our post counts and more importantly character development and just plain fun!

That being said I am happy to announce our first event of this year! Valantines day 2020! For this event the we have come up with the idea that each member of the crew goes on a blind date with another crew member and that each crew member sends a ' secret letter' to another crew member, the same way someone would do if they have a crush on someone in the real world. As for the blind dating part create a post together with another crew member where you take your character/NPC to dinner.

At the end of the event the command team if possible chooses two crew members who will vote on which couple deserve the Valantines day 2020 award, now keeping in mind with everyone's personal life and so we don't rush you all, the event shall last until the 28th of February.


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