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Langley Station is leaving Obsidian Fleet

Posted on Fri Jan 31, 2020 @ 8:53am by Captain Kate Banninga

After much consideration I have decided to remove Langley Station from Obsidian Fleet. Without going into to many details, all I will say that it is time for us to move on to another Fleet.

Over the last several months I’ve had a couple of differences of opinion with the fleet. I’ve done my best to assist the fleet with growing and improving, but I’m just at a point where I have to give up and choose another path for Langley Station and myself as CO.

For you as members of Langley Station nothing will change. The website stays at the same place, the command structure will stay the same and our stories are not changing.

I understand you might have some questions about this decision and I invite you to contact me with any questions and concerns.

With Regards,

Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer Langley Station


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