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Community Hero and other small thing

Posted on Wed Jan 15, 2020 @ 2:05pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Good afternoon everyone,

Another edition of Langley Times with some information about new things and/or changes to our simulation.

For this edition I'd like to start with some great news. We've found a community Hero. Our victim I mean Hero will be Zangetsu, writer of John Sheppard.

He'll be assisting the Command team with discord activity, writing contests and awards. You'll probably hear from him soon as Valentine's day is approaching and to me that sounds like the perfect time for a writing contest theme.

Some other things:

* As you must have heard I've been working on a project lately with the Access Roles. I'll be sending a seperate news item about that later today.

* Voting for Obsidian Fleet's End of Year awards are open for voting! I strongly encourage to vote. Langley is participating in each category.


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