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December 2019

Posted on Sun Dec 29, 2019 @ 4:54pm by Captain Kate Banninga
Edited on Sun Dec 29, 2019 @ 4:56pm

Sim Name + Date: Langley Station – December 2019
Sim Link:
Sim Name: Langley Station
Task Force: 72
Task Group: 72C

Sim Updates: Even with the busy holiday season we made some minor changes/updates to the website. After we started using a new skin a few months ago I did a round of fixes to it of things we found. Also got a new guide online. The Discord guideline, just so it is clear the kind of behavior we expect on Discord. And mostly what not.

We also concluded our writing participation content. The challenge was to write a post related to Thanksgiving, which three people took and completed. They’ve been handed the newly created award for this contest.

On Christmas Eve I did a round of awards. The Langleyversary award for 1- and 2-year membership, Captain’s Merit, Character and Post in the Spotlight and the above-mentioned Thanksgiving award. We’ve decided to make awards a more regular thing and do it each 3 months.

Crew Updates: We lost our Chief Counselor Nehini, who decided to step down for RL reasons.
We also had a former member return to Langley Station, Carl. This time he will be playing Victor, one of the stations engineers.

Story Elements: We’ve got a collection of stories going on at the moment which are all moving on in their own pace. We didn’t get any new stories last month or finished any.

Other Information: We have had a nice number of posts going out this month. Despite me being ill a number of times and the holidays. I’m really proud of my team and the stories we create together.

Number of Posts: 18
New applicants: 1
Pending applicants: 0

I want to use this opportunity to wish everyone a save years end and a happy 2020!


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