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Awards, Community Hero and Christmas

Posted on Thu Dec 12, 2019 @ 9:48pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Hey everyone, here’s another edition of the Langley Times.

The last few weeks were busy weeks for the command team as we’re dealing with RL stuff. I’ve personally been suffering from a cold for a few weeks. It looks like I’m getting better finally. Because of our lesser activity the whole sim has been less active then normal. But I’m hoping we can get some awesome writing done before the end of the year.

That being said. If you’re going to be busy with Christmas and all the festive stuff, just let the rest know by writing a message in the LOA room. It doesn’t need to be a complete LOA, a heads up is fine.
Today Ron and I worked together on some behind the scenes stuff. We created a shared calendar that will help us keep track of the events we organize or other recurring things that need attention. One of the things we came up with was doing writing contests more often. More information about that, on later times.

We’ve also decided that we’ll be doing a round of awards every three months. The first one being the 24th (like a Christmas present) I’ve been working on some new awards, but if someone has some great ideas please let me know.

Another thing I’d like to bring to your attention is that we are still looking for a Community Hero. Someone to assist the Command Team with social things like the writing contests but also engagement with the crew on Discord. Do you think this is something you like to assist with, please let us know.

Looking forward: As mentioned earlier Christmas is coming and thereby, we aren’t expecting much when it comes to activity. We will probably be doing a roll call in January. In the next few weeks we hope to make some more progress with the missions we have ongoing.

That’s it for this time. Remember, if you have any ideas for Langley, feel free to contact either Ron or me.




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