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Oktober/November 2019

Posted on Wed Nov 27, 2019 @ 3:09pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Double report this time. With the report function on IFS being broken, I took the liberty of not doing the October report. I was so busy and not feeling well so it was a great excuse of not having to write it. That however means I got now twice the data to report. Lots has happened since October 1st. And about half way I also celebrated my birthday!

We’ve also introduced a writing award that runs till the 30th of November. We’ve challenged our team to write a post containing a reference to Thanksgiving. Participation will be rewarded with a award.

Sim Updates:
Last month I’ve installed the new skin to our website. After two years I decided it was time for a new look. While the skin still needs some minor edits, it looks and works very nice.

Behind the scenes we are working on a lot of things. Stories but also guidelines and other things to make the admin site of the sim a bit clearer and more organized.

We have a new mission added to the collection, which will be run by our Marine Biologist.

Crew Updates:
In the last two months we’ve had a lot of changes happen to the manifest. Starting with just after I published the last report Ron becoming the stations OOC XO. Since he was already the IC XO, we now have one person for both positions. (This should prevent people from getting a headache over the complexity of our command team.) As I’m writing this, I’m having a hard time to imagine it’s only been two months because of all the things we’ve accomplished since he became XO.

We’ve gained two new members and had one member return to our team. Welcome to Tyrlai Zade, who has retaken the role of the third member of the command team of the former USS Portland. He will be writing Tyrlai as both a member of the Sedna as well as a character on the station.

John rejoined our sim after being away for a number of months. His new character has arrived in a very interesting state, namely unconscious. Our director of Research is hopefully going to play prince charming to his snow-white so John will wake up again.

And last, but not least. Langley has gotten an economist. Not a position you hear of often, and certainly not one I ever had expected to fill with a PC, but I’m really happy to Alan join us. And I can’t wait to see what he will bring to the sim.

I’ve unfortunately also had to remove someone from our simulation. Our former XO Fox has been removed for continues inactivity. We wish him all the luck with any future endeavors.

Story Elements:
In the last two months we’ve reorganized the way we do our missions. Because we have an open world plan, we have many stories running at the same time. To guide this a bit better, we decided to create a separate mission for each (larger) story and use our main mission for all the single or smaller stories. We’ve also added a mission plan guide to the site so people know what to do if they have a great idea for a story.

Right now, we have seven missions going on, aside from our main one. Something I’m really excited about. Some of those have only recently started, but a couple have been planned for months are finally becoming active.

The Sedna has started its firsts mission since joining Langley. The Canterbury is being introduced to its new CO and the XO is on a personal rescue mission. We’re also writing the story of our Romulan refugee and his son and the station is currently receiving a weird transmission where we might have to respond to. And we’re also still trying to discover who killed our unknown person. And don’t forget the several personal stories we are doing. Kate’s brother is about to arrive to the station to pick up his baby daughter and rumors say he will not only meet his daughter here but also someone from his past. A past Kate isn’t even aware of.

Other Information:

New applicants: 3
Pending applicants: 1
Number of Players: 17
Number of Posts: 46
Average: 2,7


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