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Oktober 2019 - 1

Posted on Sun Oct 13, 2019 @ 8:31pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Good evening everyone,

Here is another Langley Update. It's goal, to give you all a look of what we are working on behind the scenes and/or things we like to bring to your attention. I hope to do them a bit more regular then I have so far.

To start I like to tell you about the changes I'm making to the Access Levels we use on the website. We've started reviewing the access levels and made a new list of how we want to have them so they work best for our website. Some abilities might be removed, and some might be added. When we will fully implement these changes you will receive more information about what exactly changed. A small preview: New group for Departments Heads. More abilities for all the players when it comes to NPC's.

We'll also be creating a new OOC position that we've dubbed the Community Hero. While we are still working out the details, this person's job will be to engage with everyone on our discord channel, welcome new people and assist the Command team with events like a Christmas writing contest. Are you already interested, talk to me or Ron.

We've also been thinking about the departments that currently don't have a Chief. We still hope to find a writer for those position, but in order to make them more attractive for prospective players and make them active departments again we've come up with the idea to create NPC's for the Chief positions. They will be either crew that will be acting chiefs or persons that will leave for some reason when a PC chief comes. This change of command will be written IC, which gives the new writer a nice intro story to begin with.
Right now we are looking for people who are willing to write the Chief of Strategic Operations and JAG. This also means assisting in getting the whole department active, just not placing a NPC in the spot.

The departments Civilian Affairs and the Colony DH positions have already been taken and stories are being worked on already. You might have seen Ron's short message about a storyline for the colony that will be started in a few weeks. (depending RL busyness). I'll be making a NPC of mine acting director of civilian affairs which will be woven in a personal story I'm doing with Kate. (more on that later as well)

I also want to mention to you the guides we are working on right now, or have just finished. Last week Ron finished our PNPC guide, which explains to everyone what is expected of our PNPC's and what you to do to get your new PNPC active on Langley. I'm working on a guide for the mission plan. A guide to give you a simple step by step plan about what to do when you have a amazing idea for a story that you want to run. Ron is working on a guide about Discord etiquette. Off course everyone is always nice and welcoming on Discord, but we just wanted to have it clear what the rules are, and what we expect of people from Langley. Just so it is clear for everyone.

To close this update I want to remind you of two fleet events. First don't forget to vote for the Gold Unit of Merit of the 3rd Quarter of 2019. There are still a few days left to vote. And there is the Pumpkin writing contest. For more information about both check out our announcement room on the Discord.

That's it for this time. I know it might be quite a read, but I think that's a good thing. As it means there are lots of things going on at Langley at the moment. And I didn't even mention everything we're working on! I hope everyone has a nice Sunday for the few hours they have left and have a good week!



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