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Getting started

Posted on Fri Sep 27, 2019 @ 4:22pm by Commander Ronald Hawk

Hi all.

Those of you that are on discord (which I think is all of you) will know I have taken the responsibilty of XO (OOC and IC). First off I want to say I love this group, and care a great deal about it’s success. I wouldn’t have excepted the role otherwise.

Having discussed with Kate what my roles and responsibilities will be, we have established that one of my main roles will be to keep an eye of activity, and engage with you all in order to keep everyone activity up. As such, I would first like to offer everyone the opportunity for Joint Posts. My select few characters are all available for this so just send me a starter or reach out to me on discord.

Now for a slightly more nagging part of my job.

As you should all be aware Kate sent out a roll-call a number of weeks ago. We have come to realise that a number of you have not yet responded. As a reminder you need to fulfil one of the following requirements:

A mission plan, outlining the intended development of your character

A solo post, using any of your characters

An LOA request (including an end date)

The deadline has actually passed but I want to give you all an opportunity to get on top of things, so will be checking back over this in a weeks time (Friday 4th October). Please have one of the above requirements fulfilled by then, or else me or Kate might have to go all Hulk on you.

I would however like to note that having looked over the activity within the Simm I am overall impressed, and I hope we can keep this level of activity going. Keep up the good work people, and sorry for the little moan.

Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer


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