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September 2019

Posted on Wed Sep 25, 2019 @ 12:11pm by Captain Kate Banninga

The report for the month of September. I think we've had a great month and I hope we can continue the vibe that is currently on the station. ~Kate

Sim Updates
I’ve been working a lot on the website. I want to get a new skin with some handy features that will make the site more functional. I’ve implemented a few of those changes on the site already, although the skin will be a while. I’ve added a great mod that gives us a better field to specify the MD and the time of a post. After some discussing with the crew, we’ve also decided to create a separate mission, combined with a wiki page for the mission details. Instead of using a file offsite. That just didn’t work for Langley. I hope to implement a new main page later today.

Crew Updates
I’ve unfortunately had to let go my Executive Officer, who will continue to be a writer on Langley. I’ve also had to remove our Flight Control officer for inactive and accept the resignation of our Assistant Chief of Security.

We also gained a new player, Ragnar who will be writing a Romulan refugee and his son.

Open position we hope to fill soon: Director of Civilian Affairs, Chief JAG and Chief Strategic Operations.

Story Elements
At the moment we have seven stories running next to our story. As mentioned earlier we’ve given the major multi-post stories a separate mission to make it easier to find stories back later and to see which post belongs to which story.

We have finally moved on the timetable to MD’s 40-50 and posted all the older post that were still being written.

Other Information
Even though I’ve have been a little under the weather I’ve managed to do a lot for Langley, which is also visible in the difference in length of this reported compared to the last few reports.
Over the last weeks we’ve gained a number of new crew, all with very interesting story to be told and the crew has also become more active. Because of this I am really looking forward to what we are going to write the next couple of months.

Also nice to note. We now have more then a 100 NPC’s!!! Love it how the station is being shaped by all those characters.

Number of Posts: 34
Number of PC’s: 14
Number of NPC’s: 102
New applicants: 1
Pending applicants: 1
Post average: 2.27


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