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August ’19 Part I – Roll Call and other stuff

Posted on Mon Aug 12, 2019 @ 7:38pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Good evening everyone,

As you might have noticed the last few days, but I’m back from my holiday and very eager to get back to writing and developing Langley Station to make it even more awesome then it already is. In order to start we need to get activity back up, which unfortunately slowed down a bit during my absence.

I’ve come up with an altered version of a traditional roll call. I’m calling it roll call version 99. ????

I need one of three options from everyone of you. (Yes, even from myself)

  1. A solo post with you PC or a NPC. Or a combination of those.

  2. A character development plan for your PC. That might sound big, but I like to know what story you want to write to further develop your character. Preferably your PC, but a NPC is also OK. I also need the first JP for this story line to be in progress before the deadline.

  3. A LOA message in the #LOA room on our Discord channel. With an end date!

The deadline will be September 1st. I think that gives everyone enough time to accomplish one of the three options. And it will also give me a clear picture of who is still with us, and who isn’t.

Then some other stuff.

Last few days I’ve worked on some admin things I was very behind with. I’ve been working on the Station Data tab on the bio pages, and while I haven’t done all 150 characters jet I am rather far along. Take a look! Since last night your characters quarters are linked to the specific tour page which will give you more details. I’ve done the same for the offices of the Command department and will do so for the others work location, but the last depends on the department pages which I’m still working on.

I’ve done some spring cleaning in the tour section and copied some information from there to the department pages. So, if you noticed that your department now all of a sudden has a page, but it’s a bit weird and short. You now know why that is.

I’ve also created a Newbie guide, which you can find on the wiki under Rules & Guides. I’m working on some other guides, but I’ll update you all on that later.

The last thing I want to mention in this Langley Update is to bring our google drive folder to your attention. In here you can find a full character sheet, as well as information about ongoing submissions and a mission calendar. If you don’t have access to that jet, send me your gmail address so I can add you.

So, that’s it for now. I’ll be sending out two other news items the coming days because I’ve got some more stuff to share with you.



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