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May 2019

Posted on Tue May 28, 2019 @ 9:33am by Captain Kate Banninga
Edited on Tue May 28, 2019 @ 9:34am

Another month has passed and I think it was a fabulous month. Not only have we won a great award, but we've also got some great writing done. I can't wait to see what next month brings. ~Kate

Sim Updates
Not much new with the website, just the usual fiddling around. I also continue to make a presence for us on Social media, although that’s not really going very fast due to my inexperience with Facebook.
I’ve made a sister ship connection with a couple new simulations and added them to our affiliations section on the main page.
We’ve won the Quarterly UoM!!!! Which is really amazing and something me and my crew are very proud of. This has also been added to our main page and to the awards page in the wiki. (Thank you to everyone who voted for us)

Crew Updates
We’ve had a lot happen on the manifest this month. The future governor of the colony left the simulation. Something I really regret, but he is always welcome to return.

We gained three new players: CPO Daniel Jamison – Station Operations, LT JG Amber Nichols – Flight Operations and LT JG Lance Vincent – Marine Biologist. Can’t wait to see what kind of stories they will give to our station.

I also had to remove our assistant Chief of Station Operations, Rose due to inactivity.

Right now, we only have 1 Chief spot open, which is that of Director of Civilian Affairs. This position is rather important to the station as it deals with all the civilians on the station. It’s also a kind of a special and new position, what means we’re looking for someone who wants to get their hands dirty and shape that department.

Story Elements
We are continuing moving our story along. We’ve almost finished all stories around the opening ceremony and are now planning to start the next bunch of stories. We’ve got a murder mystery about to start as well as a mission involving fish people and a classic exploration mission of the planets nearby Langley Station. I’m really excited for each of them.

Due to some RL issues of my XO we haven’t gotten around to introduce our new Marine and Fighter units, so we also have that coming. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

Other Information
Number of Posts: 27
New applicants: 3
Pending applicants: 0


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