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April 2019

Posted on Sun Apr 28, 2019 @ 8:14pm by Captain Kate Banninga

This months is almost over, meaning it's report time again. I think we had a rather good month, even with my activity due to RL stuff. ~ Kate

Sim Updates
This last month has been crazy for me personally, so it was hard finding the time to give to Langley. I hope to be able to correct that in the coming month. Even with this we did manage to do a lot of things behind the scenes. We’ve gone active with our new garrison ship the USS Sedna, commanded by Captain Alenis Meru.

We’ve also have had some good responses on our recruiting efforts and gained two new players and have a few others in the pipeline. I’m going to continue the effort on this, so people will know who we are.

As for the website I only did a few minor things to it. Did the update, and then fixed something that were broken because of it. Also created an allied sims connection with a few other sims.
n the coming month we hope to finalize our work on our new fighter and marine units and make them playable.

Crew Updates
As earlier mentioned, we have two new crew members. Lt Steven Hill, who will be writing our JAG office and Lt Hachirou Takeshi, our new Chief of Station Operations. I also discovered I forgot to write in last month’s report that we have a new Chief Medical Officer. Lt Tuula Voutilainen.

Right now, we only have 1 Chief spot open, which is that of Director of Civilian Affairs. This position is rather important to the station as it deals with all the civilians on the station. It’s also a kind of a special and new position, what means we’re looking for someone who wants to get their hands dirty and shape that department.

Story Elements
The main mission is just moving along nicely, while we are planning for new stories to be added. Also are working on two submissions. A diplomatic mission that turns in a search and rescue for the Sedna. And a survey mission for the Canterbury, where the ship will visit 5 planets in the surroundings of Langley.

Other Information
I’m very happy with the result we are seeing of all the changes we made over the last few months. Our hard work hasn’t been for nothing. We’ve managed to create a good environment for people to be able to write almost anything they like. Some crazy ideas came from brainstorming which we’ve managed to mold into a storyline. The command team and I are very excited to move the story on and start the new storylines we got.

I’m very proud of everyone in the group. We’ve got a great team that loves working together and create amazing (and sometimes crazy) stories together.

Number of Posts: 15
New applicants: 2 (3 if you count the one I forgot to mention in the last report)
Pending applicants: 2


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