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The USS Sedna

Posted on Mon Apr 8, 2019 @ 8:58am by Captain Kate Banninga

Goodmorning all,

I’ve promised to write this news item for a few weeks now, but real-life stuff came up causing me not to have the time needed to write this. You’ve all heard of our new garrison ship the USS Sedna, heard some bits of its background and even created some crew for it. Let me start this message with the why of this whole project.

Five years ago (April 19, 2014 to be precise) a ship called the USS Portland was started, commanded by Alenis Meru (writer behind Tuula) and Timothy Rouse (my character). In those five years we’ve written so many awesome and unconventional stories and developed great characters. But due to personal reasons the Portland officially stopped being a simulation two months ago, after lots of talking and thinking. Because we both felt it would be a shame to let our characters go, we decided to find a different way to continue to write them, but due to their uniqueness and rank they can’t just join any ship.

That’s when we came up with the idea to create the USS Sedna, a garrison ship to Langley Station. After lots of brainstorming, and even talking with the fleet we came up with the idea as it is.

The Sedna will be a sunbird class. As ship that isn’t focused on Tactical missions, but on providing aid to people or planets in need. This class provided us the most flexibility for missions and also fit best in the story background for Langley Station.

So, now we are looking for more crew! The Sedna is a small ship with only 17 officers. The crew will have quarters on the station as the ship isn’t made for permanent living arrangements, although they can live on the ship for a few months. Given the missions we will be having engineering and medical will be two important positions. If you have an idea for an NPC on the Sedna let me know.

Once the ship arrives (around MD 42 in episode 2) they will be on the station for a 1-2 weeks before they leave for a mission. The mission was already created for the Portland, but never run. So we adapted it for the Sedna. It will start as a simple diplomatic mission, but soon change in a rescue mission to save the Captain’s live. More information can be found on the mission page, named Under the Sea.

The In-Character reasoning for this all will be written. I’ll post the first part in a few minutes, called Vike’s End.

I think that tells most that needed to be told about the new ship. If I forgot something, please ask.



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