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Manifest changes

Posted on Mon Apr 1, 2019 @ 9:57pm by Captain Kate Banninga

For the last few weeks we’ve been really busy behind the scenes in improving our simulation. One of the things we did was an overhaul on the manifest. We took a good look at each department to see how we could make it more fitting for our situation. That resulted in a few changes.

- Engineering and Operations got combined to create Station Operations. Both departments would be overlapping a lot of work and because both are very difficult to recruit a PC for, I thought it would be better to combine them. This department will be the biggest department on the station with most people in it.

- Another new department I’ve created is Strategic Operations. It used to be a position within command. But by combining Strategic Ops with Tactical and Intelligence it’s large enough to be an independent department. The chief position will soon be filled for this department due to some internal shuffling.
- Counseling became a sub department of medical. Before our counselors were part of medical but with the size of the station, they need a department of their own, but still be under medical.

- Spacedock Engineering became a sub department of station operations. They are the engineers that will fix or update the visiting ship. Currently it’s still empty as we have no NPC’s for it.

A few departments have gotten new positions. (Security, Station Operations, Flight Control) Each position stands for a branch within that department. So got Security four different positions/branches. The position of Security Officer is a temporary one, until someone finds a branch the character can work with.

Being assigned to a certain branch does not mean that your character can never work with another branch. We have a thing called creative writing that allows us to come up with a reason so your character can do a shift with a different branch or even department so this change doesn’t mean you have lesser options to write.

Since changing the manifest I’ve also created a section within the wiki to write down background information about each department (the Nova department section didn’t offer me what I needed so I decided to use the wiki for this.) Each department will get a section in this category where you can find all information about this department. This is still a project I’m working on. Right now, I only have something about the different security branches.
Keep an eye out to the announcements room on our discord channel for any updates on the department section.

There are two large projects we’re still working on that are related to the manifest. We’re working on adding a Starfighter wing and a Marine Battalion to Langley Station. But as we want the background info to be correct and detailed it taking a bit more time to get it all finished. When it goes online, I’ll send out a message, with an invite to join with an NPC in the department.


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