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We have a new XO!

Posted on Fri Jan 18, 2019 @ 11:50pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Good evening, night, or even morning for our backward Australians! ;)

I’m very excited to make this announcement; the first of hopefully many positives yet to come.

After a very long search for feet big enough to fill the boots left behind by Caoimhe; I’m excited to announce the appointment of Langley’s new XO in the form of Foxyworthy, the writer behind our very own Chief of Flight Ops, Amelia.

He is new to this position, so don’t be very hard on him (or any less hard than you do be to me!). Foxy has lots of ideas to improve Langley and through our recent conversations it’s ignited a real spark on how I feel the CoC will move forward. You can expect a lot of new JPs and story ideas from both of us because together we have every intention to get activity up again and show the true potential Langley has which we all believe in.

I hope that each of you welcome Foxy with open arms and I encourage you to continue to engage with CoC in relation to any ideas, storylines or even problems you may find yourselves happening. CoC have always had an open door policy and we continue to operate in this way. We have always been a close crew with so much serious potential but hiccups along the way have interfered with this. I feel that with the introduction of Foxy to this new role that a new light has been ignited in our wonderful simm. We can only go in one direction from here; onwards and upwards (I suppose that is technical two directions though? Lol).

Thank each and everyone one of you for holding on in there and pushing when perhaps the energy may have been lacking. Your faith in me and this SIMM has never gone unnoticed and I can only hope that from here I can do you all justice.




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