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November 2018

Posted on Sat Dec 1, 2018 @ 1:50am by Captain Kate Banninga

Another month has passed. Below the report for November. It's a bit short, but I was just too tired to make more of it. Hopefully better next month.

Sim Updates
Did some updating on the website, no major stuff.

Crew Updates
No new crew was added to our RPG, or did we have anyone leave us. We’re still looking for a Chief Engineer, a Chief Medical Officer and Civilian Director. As well as civilians to populate the station. If you have a great idea for either of those positions, please contact any of us on Discord, or join our channel. (link is on the main page of the website)

Story Elements
I’ve finally managed to get the big JP’s started and also started a small storyline for my character which involves a number of players. As for the big JP’s we have the official opening ceremony and banquet. And two sporting events. Zero G Football and Elan’tina, an Andorian game. These might all take some time to get written, but I’m very excited for them.


CO Langley Station


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