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November 2017

Posted on Thu Nov 30, 2017 @ 9:06pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Another month has passed already. Below the CO report I submitted to the fleet.

Langley Station
Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

I created a new wiki page about the duty shifts on the station and wrote a message explaining the state of the station. The station has been delivered by Starfleet with only the bare necessities working. Also added mission notes to the website so everyone has a clear picture of what we hope to achieve in this mission as well as what days are open for writing.

Crew Updates

We are blessed with three new crewmembers. Lieutenant Chernova as Chief of Security, Lieutenant JG Shervic as Chief Engineer and Lieutenant JG Sueryo as Chief of Operations.
The station has also gained a lot of new NPC’s that will help make our story even more interesting.

Story Elements

S01E01: The First Quarter – A mission where we focus on introducing our characters and our NPC’s as well as establishing the station and colony’s background. We also hope to establish in this mission the place the station will play as a center for the other ships in the Task Group.

This month we’ve continued with the mission above. We’ve added a few minor story elements to the mission, like the state of the station. Something people can incorporate in their stories. Behind the scenes we’re also working on more season wide stories. As well as a special mission that will run next to our main mission, where we will explore the history of the colony in character. Tell what our colonist, both PC’s and NPC’s, have experienced. Starting with the Lyshan Massacre during the Dominion War.
Last week we also added a NPC ship to the manifest. A ship that will visit the station frequently and will help us out with stories, station wide and character development stories.

Other Information

Number of Posts: 20
New applicants: 3
Pending applicants: 0

Again I want to thank my crew for making our simulation so much fun. They each have so much creative ideas to make the writing even more fun. Thank you all very much, you all make this a lot of fun for me as CO!


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