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Our future with the fleet

Posted on Wed Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:14am by Captain Kate Banninga

Hi All,

Over the last number of days, the crew was made aware of a decision that I needed to make but that I didn’t wish to make without first taking into consideration the opinions and feelings of you all also.

Over the last number of months, within the Obsidian Fleet I had become disillusioned to the Fleet and also the way in which I witnessed a number of different matters handed; both personal and impersonal.

A number of days ago this all came to ahead which is why I choose to ask you all the question ‘How would you feel if we were to move Langley Colony out of Obsidian Fleet and elsewhere’.

First and foremost I thank you all for your thoughts and feelings on the matter and most of all; I thank the fact that each one of you expressed the wish to stay with me and Langley no matter where she ended up. I always considered our group to be a family and this was something I have seen reinforced. Your faith in both me and this SIMM is something which is invaluable and I cannot thank you all enough.

After careful consideration a decision has been reached. In the simplest of forms, Langley Station will be remaining with Obsidian Fleet.
The reason for the wish to stay on with Obsidian Fleet is because when I was upfront to the Fleet and laid myself on the line to tell them I could take no more; a few people of the fleet stood up and gave me both a podium and an ear to listen to what I had to say and in turn the conversations that occurred did set to reassure me that it is worth giving Obsidian Fleet another chance.

In the more complicated terms, the stay with Obsidian Fleet will bring with it a change. In due course we will be moving out of TG72-C under the supervision of Captain Lamar David and we will be placed in either TF72-A or TF72-B. The reasons for this are both personal and deep but they come down to one thing. When I approached the Captain in order to discuss with him my concerns and reservations, instead of listening he went above and reported me to the fleet at large and then issued an ultimatum which meant, I had to decide Langley’s future by Halloween.

While I must stress that I have considered Captain David to be both a friend and a colleague I placed trust in, I do feel at this point that it is in both of our interests to part ways in a way which the Triad has agreed they are willing to facilitate.

I owe Captain David a lot through the years and I wish him well with TG71-C and whomever should come under his command next.
So...what does this mean for all of you? Essentially nothing. The impact will be more felt with me in that the person I report to will change. Nothing about Langley or her crew or command will change :)

Once again, I cannot thank each of you enough for the generosity you have shown towards me during this time and the reaffirmation you have provided on the fact that we have a damn good SIMM and damn good crew here.

Onwards and upwards

CO Langley Station


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