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Augustus 2018

Posted on Tue Aug 28, 2018 @ 2:34pm by Captain Kate Banninga

It's that time of the month again! Wait, not that. I meant report time. :) See below the report I just submitted to the fleet.

Sim Updates
Changed some small things to the website. Removed manifest images, added a Cardassian rank set for our NPC from the Cardassian Government, added a manifest for our embassies and a few wiki pages were added.

Crew Updates
No new crew was added to our RPG, or did we have anyone leave us. We’re still looking for a Chief Engineer and a Chief Medical Officer. As well as civilians to populate the station. If you have a great idea for either of those positions, please contact any of us on Discord, or join our channel. (link is on the main page of the website)

Story Elements
Last month we’ve steadily continued with our current mission, because of the activity of the command team not much progress has been made to the main story line.

Other Information
This month was a very quiet month. I myself was on holiday for most of the month and my XO was dealing with a very sad RL situation, our 2XO managed to keep us from being completely inactive. The coming month should give us the time to move forward with our story, and work on some of the great stories that are currently being thought of.

Number of Posts: 21
New applicants: 13
Pending applicants: 0


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