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Monthly Report August 1st

Posted on Wed Aug 1, 2018 @ 7:06pm by Commander Ronald Hawk

Sim Updates

This month has been quiet in terms of the site. However our story writing is taken a really positive turn, which should see some nice new story arch’s coming in the following months.

Crew Updates

We have two new members of our crew this month;
A civilian affairs director, by the name of Jason Avery, and a Colony based character, by the name of Nadiya Blackford.

Both of these characters have shown a lot of promise within their writing thus far, and I look forward to seeing what is to come.

We also had two promotions this month, Lt Cmdr Caoimhe O'Connor got promoted to full Commander, and Lt. Anahera Chernova was promoted to Lt. Cmdr. Both of you very well deserved. We also did a round of awards.

Story Elements

Our focus this month has continued to be on our opening ceremony. That being said with the addition of our new characters the story is taking on a few new directions. The main one being that now we have a Colony base PC, the Colony is taking a more centre stage role than it has been just recently.

Other Information

Number of Posts: 33
Number of Playing Characters: 15
New applicants: 2
Pending applicants: 0


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