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Episode 1 - First Dawn

Posted on Mon Jul 9, 2018 @ 10:07am by Captain Kate Banninga

Hello everyone,

After 8 months we have finally closed of our first mission. It was a great first mission, that absolutely didn't go as I envisioned it at first. We had some amazing stories, got a lot of new friends, and lost a few. Together we've been through some hard times, but we got through and now have a thriving simulation, that I am very proud off. This is really a team effort, I probably wouldn't be here without all of your support and enthusiasm in coming up with new stories.

After the closing of an episode I want to do promotions and a rounds of awards. In recognition of all of your hard work.


During this episode I was promoted to Captain, something I didn't give any attention to because when we started I decided to have Kate keep the rank of Captain because a demotion didn't fit her story. As with OF tradition every CO that reaches the 6-month mark get's promoted to Captain.

This round there are two people I want to promote.

Lieutenant Commander Caoimhe O'Conner will be promoted to Commander.
Lieutenant Anahera Chernova will be promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Both promotions are very well deserved.


This time the following awards will be given:

Service Citation: For serving on the simulation for more then 6 months.
Kate, Caoimhe, Anahera, Rose and Nehini.

Tour of Duty - Expeditionary: For participation in the simulations first mission.
Kate, Caoimhe, Anahera, Rose, Nehini, Ishresse, Megan, Eliza, Ronald, Kael’ko, Amelia.

Rose award: Ishresse. Her Andorians are so well though written and are a real joy to read. All the background she found/came up with about how the bonds relationship would be is amazing. I can't wait to see this relation develop even further- Kate

Non Player Character Award: Anahera. Ana has given our simulations a lot of very interesting characters, not to even mention an entire ship with characters. All of his NPC's are great and really are well written and thought of - Kate

Newcomer of the Month: Kael'ko. He joined us with such enthusiasm and a great background story for his character - Kate

Whoopi Goldberg diversity ribbon Megan. Even though this award is usually to Alien characters, I want to give this award to Megan. Megan is such a unusual character, a 40+ woman that ends up in the body of a 16 year old by a transporter accident. But she is so well written that its a real joy to read posts with this character involved or interact with her - Kate

Outstanding volunteer award: Ron. Ever since becoming part of the command team Ron has helped us a lot with behind the scenes stuff. Mostly with mission progression, and I'm very grateful for that. Without him we would probably still not have finished episode 1 - Kate

Crew's Choice Award:Ishresse.
For the excellent writing in The Andorians: Baby making - Ron.
A lovely example of interaction with other crew members and encompassing them in character developed and plans so no one is side lined.(Counseling sessions) - Caoimhe
I'll vote for the Andorians. They're always fun to read.(The Andorians: We're going to have a baby!) - Megan

And last but not least

Captain's personal merit: Eliza. Eliza has been a challenge for Kate since she stepped over the station's threshold. She has been ungrateful, rude, disobedient, brake in Kate's office and like that wasn't enough she also held a gun to Kate's face. It's a amazing character, one that will make sure life will never be boring for Kate - Kate

Congratulation everyone! The awards will be added to your account, as well as the OF website soon. Till next round of awards/promotions.

Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station


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