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June 2018

Posted on Thu Jul 5, 2018 @ 9:17am by Captain Kate Banninga

Sim Updates
Nothing major. Just some slight changes to images. We did become one of the guiny pigs for the OF website, I’ve edited our ship page but haven’t gotten much time later on because of my illness. I’ll try to get my crew added to that page this month.

Crew Updates
No new players this month.
That only leaves us with two open department head position and that is that of Director of Civilian Affairs. Someone who is the go to person for all the civilians on the station and who will act as a in between person with Starfleet. And the position of Chief Engineer.
We are off course always looking for more civilians and researchers. We also have almost all assistant department head position open, as well as officer positions.

Story Elements
This month we’ve worked hard and have succeeded, but more about that in next report. Our current mission is progressing as hoped, even with the summer season. Next few months as people will be on holiday we hope to keep activity going as now, on summer mode. Slightly lower than normal.

Other Information
Last month I’ve had some health issues which caused me to get very much behind on work, personal stuff and therefor also on my writing. I’m slowly catching up. That’s also why this report is so hugely late. I just had a hard time finding a moment to sit down and write it. I hope next month I will be on time, as I usually am.

I also want to use this report to thank my XO en 2XO very much for keeping things going while I was sick. I couldn’t run this simulation without them. Especially my XO, she’s been my rock for the last few months, to keep me sane, and even to remind me of stuff that needs to be done. (Like writing this report )
I also want to thank my crew for keeping up with their writing even when my time is limited. Thank you all, you are what makes this Simulation amazing. Your enthusiasm is what gives me the motivation to keep going.

And I want to thank my TGCO for keeping up with me. I’m probably not the easiest CO around, but he manages to keep his patience, even when he is struggling with stuff himself.

Number of Posts: 44 (higher due to the late date of this report, but will be corrected next month as I always count posts from report to report.)
New applicants: 0
Pending applicants: 0


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