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May 2018

Posted on Tue May 29, 2018 @ 9:40am by Captain Kate Banninga

Hey everyone, below the report as I submitted it with the fleet. Thank you all for another great month.

Sim Updates
Made changes to the website to comply with the new privacy laws. Made a wiki page for the privacy policy and created links to it from the footer and the main page of the website. Also added a link in the application process. Basically the same as we do with the other rules and regulations. Have decided to wait with the new update for now to see if others are experiencing any bugs etc. The only functionality the update has for us at the moment is the ability to delete their own account.

Crew Updates
This last month we gained two new players. Well, technically it was still last month, but as it was after my report I count it for this month.

Lieutenant Kaelko – Chief Intelligence and Lieutenant Amelia Forscyth-Coyle – Chief Flight Operations.

That only leaves us with one open department head position and that is that of Director of Civilian Affairs. Someone who is the go to person for all the civilians on the station and who will act as a in between person with Starfleet.
We are off course always looking for more civilians and researchers. We also have almost all assistant department head position open, as well as officer positions.

Story Elements
Last week we have assigned Ronald Hawk (Station's XO) to the OOC position of Second officer. Besides assisting me and the XO he will mostly be focusing on story progression, keeping track of the many storylines and make sure we will stay on track with the overall mission.

We are also working on closing the first mission and doing a clean-up. We’ve been writing in Episode 2 for a while now and the last remaining storylines in episode 1 are almost done.
Our overall story for episode 2 is progressing although we are mostly working on personal stories right now.

Other Information
Number of Posts: 32
New applicants: 2
Pending applicants: 0


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