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Excitment Comes In Twos!

Posted on Thu May 24, 2018 @ 10:26pm by Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D.

Howdy All,

Your friendly neighborhood XO is in the house ;)

On behalf of the command crew, I have two very important announcements to make. Bare with me...they are crackers!(....or not)

First and foremost. As you may have all noticed we have a new Station Executive Officer in the house. Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk is around to keep you lot in check ;)

The OOC command chain in Langley is different to what everyone would be used to. OOCly, your Commanding Officer is Kate (CO of the station and GM and general wonderful woman!), your Executive Officer is myself (Director of Research whom everyone knows by now to keep a wide berth) and normally our Second Officer would be the Mayor of the Colony. The principle being you have three key areas to this overall simm and each is represented within Command.

In the absence of an OOC Second Officer, our brand new IC Station XO has volunteered (*coughs*arm wrestled*coughs*) to lend myself and Kate a hand with keeping you lot in order OOCly (a difficult task by alot of measures!).

As such...should Ron hunt you down to give you a boot over mission advancement, please listen to him as he has our permission. Ron is taking on the role of keeping our missions moving (in relation to the organisation of MDs and the pace the mission will flow at) and also ensuring that we all keep on mission track and don't go about trying to do fuddy duddy stuff that results in many more headaches...

So...welcome Ron into his new role! And please feel free to commiserate that he's got the *wonderful* task of working alongside myself and Kate ;)

So....that was longer than anticipated! Now for the ultra ultra fun part! GDPR....

For those of you living under a rock and who have't heard of this (or non-Europeans!) the EU has introduced brand new privacy laws which have to be implemented by tomorrow, the 25th May 2018. And the best part, even if your not based in the EU, you still have to be compliant where there's a chance your membership are living in the EU (...guess where your entire command team lives!).

The plan was that the brand new Nova update would result in SIMMing websites, such as ourselves, requiring no adjustments to their rules and data protection policies. As of writing this announcement, this new update is still not available. As such, Kate has taken the steps to update our rules to reflect the changes. We would ask you all to have a good read of the below to familiarize yourself with the changes. As for any questions...ah....Kate's door is open! I'm not good at that technical stuff...I'm only good at writing annoying announcements ;) I have you all asleep! You know where to find myself, Kate and now Ron for any questions, compliments or complaints (complaints handler is now formally Ron by the way...suuuuuuush don't tell him!) or just if you wish to generally keep us company!


Lieutenant Commander Caoimhe O'Connor
Director of Research
Langley Station


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