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April 2018

Posted on Sat Apr 28, 2018 @ 8:07pm by Captain Kate Banninga

Below the report for April I just submitted.

Sim Updates
Nothing much this month. I’ve wrote a new recruitment app which I posted on the Discord recruitment channel and on our Facebook page. I’ve also send a new invite to my team to join the OF discord channel, which multiple who hadn’t joined did.

Crew Updates
I have to start this month’s crew update with some very sad news. About a week ago we got the news that the writer behind our Chief Medical Officer has passed away. He lost his battle against cancer. This news took a big hit on our team, even though Pete only joined a few weeks before his illness took a turn of the worst. My XO and I have decided to do something special to remember Pete, because he will never be forgotten and will always have a place in our group. But we’ve also decided to wait a little bit to let us grieve before starting this.

On a more joyous note. The station is honored with a new Executive Officer. Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk. You are very welcome in our team and I personally can’t wait to get started with writing.

We also have applicant for the Chief Intel position, but more about that in next month’s report, I hope.

Story Elements
We have just started our second mission wherein the station will celebrate its official opening, the research department will make progress with their investigation in how to get the colony fruitful again and our garrison ship will go after someone who will steal a shuttle and head for the Cardassian border.
On a personnel level we have our Andorian Chief Diplomat is looking into the possibility of starting a family with her bonds mates and we’re also setting up a complicated backstory that will give our Commanding Officer, Chief of Security and Assistant Chief of Security a connection to each other they weren’t aware of.

Stay tuned on our website for more of Langley Station ????

Other Information
Number of Posts: 19
Number of Playing Characters: 10
New applicants: 1
Pending applicants: 1

I want to use this opportunity to thank my team for being great writers. I am honored to lead them in our great adventure. It took some time to overcome some personal problems, but my team helped me get through it. Petje af.


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