So you’re interested in joining Langley Station? Awesome! We’re always looking for new members.

I'd like to take a second to say the following. Langley Station is a big writing group. I don't say this to brag, but we've recently had some people underestimate that. Langley Station has two garrison ships, a colony, a large civilian population and Marines and Fighter. We have around 8 stories (missions) going at once and many more smaller stories. Please take this into account before joining.

Before you can start filling out the form you need to read the pages with our Ground Rules, our Privacy Policy, our 13+ Rating, Guidelines for Character Creation and becoming a Department Head.

On Langley Station we have a different kind of story progression and involvement from writers in mission planning then most simulations, we call it an open world concept. Please read the information about this carefully as it important to know before you join us.

By continuing, you agree that you have read these rules and will abide to follow them.