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We, here at Langley, are absolutely not your "average RPG". Our primary focus is providing our writers with a shipload (of individual opportunities, including a focus on PC and NPC reactions. As a simm, our focus is on individual character development, coupled collaboration between our writers, and even with other RPG’s. We operate in our own, unique open world system. As a result, we run 'mini-missions' that focus on events related to the fleet, or more frequently, specifically to station development: reflections of an ever-changing set of political and logistical realities in our stellar neighborhood. We strive for each writer to have a firm idea of what their personal story is: and as a Command Team, it's our goal to mediate, and facilitate, the growth and development of our entire crew as writers and as characters.

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» New Mission - First Defeat

Posted on Wed May 19, 2021 @ 10:16am by Captain Kate Banninga in Announcements

When an archeological discovery brings terror and destruction...

For weeks archeological teams have been exploring the sands on Lyshan Colony to discover it's history. But until now it revealed nothing. Then the team comes across an ancient weapon from a time long gone. As they are trying to unravel it's mysteries a countdown is initiated, planning to annihilate Langley Station in twenty hours time.

But is the weapon as ancient as it appears? And how does a weapon that's been dormant for so long suddenly activate? Is foul play at hand?

» April Fools 2021

Posted on Wed Mar 24, 2021 @ 7:36pm by John Sheppard in Announcements

Hello everyone.

For this years April Fools Event I would like to welcome you all to write a post or a few of em, doesn't matter how much.

This event will be running from the 1st of April till the last day of April 2021. At the end the jury will go over all your submissions (Using the APRIL FOOLS tag at the beginning of the title.) and the winner(s) will be given an award.

Go do your pranks, jokes or some sort of Tomfoolery.

Have fun

» Announcement regarding Langley's XO!

Posted on Tue Oct 20, 2020 @ 12:25pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Announcements

Good afternoon everyone,

I’ve got an announcement for you.

After lots of talking and thinking over the last several week Dan has decided to step down as Executive Officer of Langley Station. To be frank, he even offered me to look for a replacement a few weeks ago, but I thought it wasn’t necessary and I’ll just do a bit more work myself. But as you’ve noticed over the last few weeks, Langley can’t be run without a good active XO. Given the fact that Dan’s personal life is very hectic right now and it doesn’t seem that’s going to change very soon and that he also has his own sim to run, I gave in and started looking for a new XO.

To my surprise that didn’t take me very long. The second person I asked said he’d love to assist with running Langley Station as his XO. He had plenty of XO and CO experience and has been a long-time member of Langley Station. Namely our very own Marine Captain Jack Wells. He will be revising his former character Sitok, Langley’s first Executive Officer. That was when our IC and OOC command structure was still very complicated and he only had the IC XO position.

How we are all going to work out things’ IC isn’t fully decided. What we do know is that Ronald Hawk will become the CO of our Garrison Ship the USS Canterbury (making that position even more cursed then it already is). OOC he will continue to part of the command team, but in an advisory capacity. As soon as we know more, you’ll either read it in a story, or a news item.

That’s it for now,

With regards,


» New storyline: Passing the Baton

Posted on Sat Sep 12, 2020 @ 1:56pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Announcements

I've came up with a new story line that will be part of our regular mission First Unity. I hope to be telling, together with all of you, the story of how 24 hours on the station could look like.

It starts with a post by me writing Kate's morning. From the moment she wakes up to the start of her shift. I'll also be outlining how her schedule looks of the day looks like. Certain activities or meting will be written out in a JP. Like a security briefing at the beginning of her shift and a weekly senior staff briefing around noon.

The reason I'm calling it passing the baton is that I hope to see solo posts or JP's that start with the end of a previous JP. Or a post describing a characters actions prior to a JP. For example Kate's security briefing. What did the Chief of Security do prior to it, and what after. Maybe she has a staff meeting with her department before and maybe they have a training's excersize planned after it. Except for some mandatory meeting it's up to the writer what kind of things you write.

I want to start with the alpha shift and work towards beta and gamma shift as the stories progress.

For the practical side:
* Most characters have been assigned a certain shift. I'll be creating a list of who work in what shift. Off course you can request a different shift for your character (unless your a department head or deputy), or have your character switch a shift with a unnamed colleague.
* It's up to the writer what characters you use. I'll be mostly focusing on Kate, but if there is a NPC of mine in your department which you could use for your stories, feel free to add me. You can focus on one main characters or use all your characters, that's completely up to you.
* As mentioned earlier I want to start with Alpha shift. And while I won't work with closing certain time frames I do request you not start writing a post with a character in the Gamma shift.
* The date I've picked to use for this story line is MD 65 (March 30th, 2395). I picked this as there is nothing on the calendar, meaning every character (except the Sedna) should be available.
* Please pay extra attention with adding the time to your post so the mod I installed can line the stories up in chronological order.

The whole idea behind this is getting everyone to write. While you can do a post with your character, I'd like the focus to be on passing the baton. For example: We start with the security briefing, followed by a staff meeting by the security crew, followed by a training session between two security officer, followed by a story in medical as one of the two got injured. Etc etc.
Or starting at the senior staff briefing after which the chief Flight has a meeting with the pilots etc etc.
It would be great if we could find way of connecting every section of the station with each other. Off course there can also be other meeting in the morning that could start off the baton passing. Maybe the CMO has a meeting with the chief counselor. Or the Marine leader with someone on the colony who then has a meeting involving the kids. They don't need to be on duty meeting, but can also be two friends having lunch or breakfast together after which they split up and can pass the baton off to someone else.

Anyway, it became a huge explanation of my idea. I'll be starting a few JP's myself for meeting that happen in the morning and I encourage you to do as well. Let's see if we can get every part of our simulation involved.

CO Langley Station

» Roll Call

Posted on Wed Aug 19, 2020 @ 8:14pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Announcements

Goodevening everyone,

As mentioned in an earlier message I want to do a roll call, to see who is still with us.

I’d also like to remind you about our rules regarding posting activity.

1.4 Writers on Langley Station are expected to post once a month. And tag within four days. Exceptions are made when multiple players are engaged in large joint posts with three or more players. If you are working on a large JP, let a member of the command team know.

I’d like you all to try and make that a goal for the foreseeable future. Our posting number is really low, and I know we can do better. Without losing our low paced posting rhythm. You must remember all that that is very important to me. That however doesn’t mean that its ok for a sim with 15 playing characters, 104 NPC’s to have a post average of 0.48 last month and no post at all this month.

I know that I am a large part of the issue, that’s why I’m also going to change my tagging as well. Can’t ask you to become more active when I’m not myself. I strongly believe in leading by example. So, feel free to badger me about a tag as much as you want.

For this role call I would like to get a message of each of you by DM saying you’re still with us. Before September first. Also feel free to let me know if there is anything that’s holding you back from tagging and posting. And if you got any great ideas you’d like to explore, let me know.

The coming week I’m going to look into moving along our current missions a few weeks, but since Ron is still not able to return from LOA, it’s just me and Clint. And since mission progress isn’t my forte it might be a while.

I hope to hear from you all soon!



Latest Mission Posts

» Blood Pact

Mission: Survey Surprise
Posted on Sat Jun 12, 2021 @ 9:19pm by Lieutenant JG Marcella Solari & Commander Robert Hunt & Commander Zolan Rebec & Lieutenant Commander Richard Dalziel & Lieutenant Raleigh MacKenzie & Lieutenant Chastity Muller


Commander Hunt sat behind his desk, his hands clenched together as if he were some form of spy fiction villain. The secure message he had just received, presumed by his crew, at least he hoped, to be from Starfleet, was troubling, to say the least. He never thought this…

» New home and a Date

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Fri May 28, 2021 @ 6:54pm by John Sheppard & Captain Kate Banninga


Langley. A Regula class station, operated by the officers of Starfleet. Mostly human officers and is located just a few light years away from the Federation and Cardassian border. It took a bit over 90 light years and over a month's worth of travel with a passenger cruise. figuring…

» A Day in the Life - Security Department

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Sun May 16, 2021 @ 5:28am by Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant Anastasia Dragunova & Lieutenant JG Seela sh'Tharlen & Ensign T'Kara Daughter of G’ralia & Ensign Aurora Rydell & Ensign Syam Ziath & Chief Petty Officer Tharia sh'Kari

Anahera awoke and began her morning ritual, i.e. showering, dressing, and grabbing a bite to eat.

She then made her way to the office.

"Morning, all," she said. "Anyone got anything I need to know before meeting with the captain?" the security chief asked.

“Just the usual trouble between the…

» New Destinations...

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Sat May 15, 2021 @ 7:09pm by Lieutenant Breana Rathburn

She leaned back against the wall, legs tucked up under her as she sat Indian style upon the bed, a soft sigh slipped from slightly parted lips. Fingers of her left hand trailed though the fluff of the large black main-coon cat that was curled up next to her. It…

» Out of Body Experience

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Thu May 13, 2021 @ 11:27pm by Lieutenant JG Suzanne (Suzie) Quinn M.D. & John Sheppard


"Damn it," uttered Tuula, her voice nearly drowned out by the alarm emanating from the biobed's vital sign monitors. She had no chance to look at them though, relying on audible cues as she focused intently on the open incision through the patient's chest. Her gloves and the tools…