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We, here at Langley, are absolutely not your "average RPG". Our primary focus is providing our writers with a shipload (of individual opportunities, including a focus on PC and NPC reactions. As a simm, our focus is on individual character development, coupled collaboration between our writers, and even with other RPG’s. We operate in our own, unique open world system. As a result, we run 'mini-missions' that focus on events related to the fleet, or more frequently, specifically to station development: reflections of an ever-changing set of political and logistical realities in our stellar neighborhood. We strive for each writer to have a firm idea of what their personal story is: and as a Command Team, it's our goal to mediate, and facilitate, the growth and development of our entire crew as writers and as characters.

Latest News Items

» Website changes

Posted on Sat Nov 5, 2022 @ 4:50pm by Commodore Kate Banninga in Announcements

Hey all,

I'm currently in the process of updating the website to fit the new mission. So you might see some things that don't fit with IC changes, but now you will know why.

So, please don't panic. I can only change one thing at a time.


» Oktober 2021 Awards

Posted on Wed Oct 13, 2021 @ 1:22pm by Commodore Kate Banninga in Awards

What better way to celebrate a birthday then to give out awards.

The team and I have thought hard on what awards we wanted to hand out this edition. And we've came to the following:

First, the anniversary awards. These are given based on a person's time served on our game. Given the fact I have a tendency to hand these out, some receive multiple awards.

1 year: Clint McCord, Zemi, Ragnar Mellark, Ranulf McCloud and John Sheppard.
2 year: Ronald Hawk, John Sheppard, Tuula Voutilainen, Ragnar Mellark and Zemi.
3 year: Kate Banninga, Caoimhe O'Connor, Megan DuBois, Ronald Hawk and Anahera Chernova.
4 year: Kate Banninga, Caoimhe O'Connor, Anahera Chernova.

Our spotlights this edition go to:
Post in the Spotlight: Blood pact - A post run with emotion, where the crew of the Canterbury have to deal with the sudden departure to their new Captain.

Character in the Spotlight: John Sheppard - John is an amazingly written character, not only does he hold the record of the longest active character in a coma, but he's been through a lot. We saw a lot of him in the JPs with Suzie, how he evolves with the metal in him, finds love and beats the odds. He's got depth. I've even heard how lovely his relationship with Suzie is

We've come up with a few new awards. One of them is the diversity award for a writer who has written a character, or in this case an entire species, so realistic and good that it's a joy to read. The first edition of this award goes to Tuula Voutilainen for the creation and stories involving the Zourians.

And then last, but not least. The Captain's Personal Merit. When we were talking about finally doing this long overdue round of awards I jokingly said John deserved a award for being the only person who ever pissed me off so much that I kicked him from the sim. That's not why he is getting this award. No really not! He gets this award for all the work he has done over the last 18 months to keep our community going. He has been our most active member on the discord, even if he keeps annoying me with those stupid emoticons of his. And for that I want to thank him by giving this award.

Congratulation to all the winners! I will me displaying the new awards in the bio of your PC's this weekend, as well as update the award pages in our Langleyverse.

» Happy Birthday to Langley Station

Posted on Wed Oct 13, 2021 @ 1:00pm by Commodore Kate Banninga in Announcements

I can hardly believe it's already been four years!

What started as a idea between four people to place a spacestation right next to the former demilitarized zone of Cardassian space. Has grown into a hub for many endeavours. From colony life on Lyshan Prime, to one of the two garrison science vessels, a huge research station and lately even a fighter company and a marine battalion. All of it revolving around our small space station.

But most important, we've created a family of writers. A place where people can write when they want to. We might not be the fastest posters or any other the other norms people use to measure a simulation game now a day. But we got something way more important. We have a community. We help each other with writing and coming up with amazing stories. But we're also there for each other if someone is going through thought times. Something I hope we'll continue to do in the coming years.

When it comes to our stories, something major is coming. It's been discussed heavily and we've started writing it already. The end of our current station and its replacement. But before we get our shiny new station we've got to let our characters experience a less comfortable life as they will be living as refugees on the colony while the station is on its way. I can't wait how our characters will handle all these lifechanging changes.

I end this message by lifting my imaginary glass and say "to many more years"

GM Langley Station.

» Let's start our new mission

Posted on Tue Sep 28, 2021 @ 9:16am by Commodore Kate Banninga in Announcements

Good morning everyone,

We've finally properly started our new mission. Two JP's are in the process of being written and I've created the new mission in the site.

One of the two JP's we're working on will introduce the mission, but in the mean time you can already start writing posts as well. Just wait with posting them until the intro post has been posted.

What you need to know:
A archeology team accidently set off an ancient weapons that is set to destroy the planet. We've got 20 hours until the weapon goes off. Of course the first couple hours of those 20 hours (and maybe even till the last minute) will be spend in trying to find a way to prevent the weapon from going off.

But rather quickly Kate will give the order to evacuate the station. The station is rather big, so we'll need some time to accomplish that.

So what can you write. If you're interested in assisting in preventing the station being destroyed, let me know. In time Kate will create a group with that task.
But mainly what you can all start writing about is how you're characters will evacuate and arrive on the colony. Or if you've got a colony character, how they handle the evacuation on the colony side of things. Kate will contact the sheriff once the order to evacuate is given.

I hope this small explanation will give you a prompt to start writing in our new mission. If you've got any further question, feel free to ask.

In the coming days I will publish a shedule pertaining to Episode 2, so you all know how long things has been. The new mission will start on MD 1 of Episode 3. And each episode is 90 MD, so you can do some math yourself until I get the shedule ready.

Episode 2 will stay open for the time being so everyone can finish storylines. I'll keep a check on any JP's being worked on, and when I noticed there aren't any for the current episode I will close it.

Let's get some writing done.

Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

» New Mission - First Defeat

Posted on Wed May 19, 2021 @ 10:16am by Commodore Kate Banninga in Announcements

When an archeological discovery brings terror and destruction...

For weeks archeological teams have been exploring the sands on Lyshan Colony to discover it's history. But until now it revealed nothing. Then the team comes across an ancient weapon from a time long gone. As they are trying to unravel it's mysteries a countdown is initiated, planning to annihilate Langley Station in twenty hours time.

But is the weapon as ancient as it appears? And how does a weapon that's been dormant for so long suddenly activate? Is foul play at hand?

Latest Mission Posts

» The chess playing bookworm

Mission: Second Chances
Posted on Wed Dec 20, 2023 @ 10:44am by Lieutenant Dunamis & Nala Keved

For the third night in a row Dunamis found himself back at the tavern - for obvious reasons the establishment had the highest amount of human (and alien) traffic, moreso now with the colony's boosted population. An empty cup sat in front of him at his table, formerly filled with…

» Meal Unfinished

Mission: Second Chances
Posted on Wed Dec 20, 2023 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Dunamis & Lieutenant Chastity Muller

Dunamis stepped out of the conference room, waited for the doors to hiss shut behind him - and only then did he allow his shoulders to sag with exhaustion and a sigh to escape his lips. They were dry and possibly a bit chapped from all the talking he'd had…

» JAG Arrival

Mission: Second Chances
Posted on Fri Jul 28, 2023 @ 2:36am by Lieutenant Commander S'miri & Commodore Kate Banninga & Gila Wolf

Lt. Cmdr S'miri was well content for lack of a better word. She had been assigned to be the head of JAG for Langley station. Of course her wife, R'tiri, her wife and Pawsia, their 10 year old daughter had come with her.

They had managed to grab a ride…

» Turning Blue Red

Mission: Second Chances
Posted on Fri Jan 20, 2023 @ 9:11am by Larantia & Lieutenant JG Seela sh'Tharlen

Larantia was, unsurprisingly, the first to arrive. She'd gone for a white tube top that almost glowed against her lightly tanned complexion, shorts that let her long, shapely legs show and a pair of black heels. She settled at the bar counter, smiling back at anyone who stared. She didn't…

» Another Story from Helena's Temporary Haven

Mission: Second Chances
Posted on Wed Jan 18, 2023 @ 6:02am by Larantia & Lieutenant JG Seela sh'Tharlen & Helena

Four days ago, Seela had been attacked a native predator while on patrol. She'd had her wounds seen to by medical but, her right arm was still a little stiff.

One of her colleagues had told her about Helena's Haven and the wonderful masseuses there. So with her shift ended,…