Welcome to the Langley Station!

We're a Star Trek RPG set in 2395, and are proud to be leading Obsidian Fleet’s Task Group 72C: the "White Tigers".

Langley Station is a Regula-class space station, strategically positioned near the Cardassian demilitarized zone. Langley sits in geosynchronous orbit above Lyshan Prime, an M-class planet in the Lyshan star system, a familiar dot the sky over Lyshan Colony. Langley station is categorized as a military waypoint and research station, garrisoned by an onboard security force, standing firm under the watchful eyes of the Canterbury, an Intrepid-class and the Sedna, an Sunbird-class. Langley is noteworthy for its' outside research and development functions, and has grown into a major cultural hub and stopover port.

We, here at Langley, are absolutely not your "average RPG". Our primary focus is providing our writers with a shipload (of individual opportunities, including a focus on PC and NPC reactions. As a simm, our focus is on individual character development, coupled collaboration between our writers, and even with other RPG’s. We operate in our own, unique open world system. As a result, we run 'mini-missions' that focus on events related to the fleet, or more frequently, specifically to station development: reflections of an ever-changing set of political and logistical realities in our stellar neighborhood. We strive for each writer to have a firm idea of what their personal story is: and as a Command Team, it's our goal to mediate, and facilitate, the growth and development of our entire crew as writers and as characters.

We are always looking for new writers, and have a wealth of engaging positions still open. If anything we have on offer strikes your fancy contact us, or join us on Discord!!


Latest News Items

» August 2019

Posted on Mon Sep 2, 2019 @ 9:35am by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

Another month has passed, so here's the report for August. And this time the month has really passed. I couldn't find the time to do it earlier.

Sim Updates
I’ve did some tinkering on the website. Some improvements. Haven’t done much on recruitment beside post something on FB.
Crew Updates
We gained a new writer, Zemi N’Organ, a Ojnas Diplomatic Envoy. We have one pending applicant.

Story Elements
Continuing getting new storyline started.

Other Information
Did a roll call to see who was still with us and to get activity up again after the summer. Activity has increased because of it and it will grow the next couple of weeks.

This report is late, my bad. I forgot to do it, and when I remembered I didn’t have the time to write it. Sorry for that.

Playing Characters: 16
NPC's: 99
Mission Posts: 27
Post Average: 1,5

» August '19

Posted on Mon Aug 12, 2019 @ 7:50pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Awards

It has been quite a number of months since I did some awards, so I thought this would be a great moment to do another round.

First, I want to give the Captain’s Personal Merit out Megan and Anahera. As an appreciation for your activity during my absence. Both in tagging and on Discord. I appreciate that a lot!

Next, I have decided to do another round of spotlight awards.

This time Character in the Spotlight goes to Megan DuBois. Megan has been a great addition to the station from the start. The character is a 40-year-old woman in the body of a teenager, due to a transporter malfunction a number of years ago. This causes some complication from time to time, like her going on a date with a teenager.

Post in the Month goes to First dive into the Ocean>, where a number of the crew go on a ride with the station's newly acquired under water shuttle. I like the post because of the spontaneity of it. There was no planning, they just had an idea and started writing it. Which resulted in a very nice to read post. This story will surely be the first of many involving the Sea Ray and I can't wait to read what she will discover in the ocean's on Lyshan.

Congratulation everyone, and keep up the hard work.

That’s it for this time. Please remember that you can also recommend someone for an award! Just let me know who and why you want to nominate and we’ll discuss it.


» August ’19 Part I – Roll Call and other stuff

Posted on Mon Aug 12, 2019 @ 7:38pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Langley Update

Good evening everyone,

As you might have noticed the last few days, but I’m back from my holiday and very eager to get back to writing and developing Langley Station to make it even more awesome then it already is. In order to start we need to get activity back up, which unfortunately slowed down a bit during my absence.

I’ve come up with an altered version of a traditional roll call. I’m calling it roll call version 99. ????

I need one of three options from everyone of you. (Yes, even from myself)

  1. A solo post with you PC or a NPC. Or a combination of those.

  2. A character development plan for your PC. That might sound big, but I like to know what story you want to write to further develop your character. Preferably your PC, but a NPC is also OK. I also need the first JP for this story line to be in progress before the deadline.

  3. A LOA message in the #LOA room on our Discord channel. With an end date!

The deadline will be September 1st. I think that gives everyone enough time to accomplish one of the three options. And it will also give me a clear picture of who is still with us, and who isn’t.

Then some other stuff.

Last few days I’ve worked on some admin things I was very behind with. I’ve been working on the Station Data tab on the bio pages, and while I haven’t done all 150 characters jet I am rather far along. Take a look! Since last night your characters quarters are linked to the specific tour page which will give you more details. I’ve done the same for the offices of the Command department and will do so for the others work location, but the last depends on the department pages which I’m still working on.

I’ve done some spring cleaning in the tour section and copied some information from there to the department pages. So, if you noticed that your department now all of a sudden has a page, but it’s a bit weird and short. You now know why that is.

I’ve also created a Newbie guide, which you can find on the wiki under Rules & Guides. I’m working on some other guides, but I’ll update you all on that later.

The last thing I want to mention in this Langley Update is to bring our google drive folder to your attention. In here you can find a full character sheet, as well as information about ongoing submissions and a mission calendar. If you don’t have access to that jet, send me your gmail address so I can add you.

So, that’s it for now. I’ll be sending out two other news items the coming days because I’ve got some more stuff to share with you.


» July 2019

Posted on Wed Jul 31, 2019 @ 9:32pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

Unfortunately a short report. Due to my LOA I didn't really have time to write much more. Hopefully better next month. ~Kate

Langley Station – Jul-19
Langley Station – July 31, 2019

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates
July has been a very slow month due to my vacation. Also got a number of players on vacation/LOA.

Crew Updates
We’ve gained two writers. Finchley Kerr as our Assistant Chief of Security and Domin Wolfe as our Chief of Station Operations. Also have a few people interested in Langley.

Story Elements
We’ve done some moving along of the mission, but will continue after I’ve returned.

Other Information
Playing Characters: 15
NPC’s: 98
Mission Posts: 8
Post Average: 0,5

Submitted By: Kate Banninga
Posted: July 31, 2019 8:29 pm
Updated: July 31, 2019

» June 2019

Posted on Sun Jun 30, 2019 @ 9:10pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

And another month is nearing its end. (less then 2 hours as I post this) Below the report as I submitted it to the fleet. ~Kate

Sim Updates
We moved to Taskgroup 72C since I am now the TGCO of 72C. Made some changes to show that change and added the ships in my TG to the affiliates section on the main page. Haven’t been able to do a round of recruitment for Langley, but did put a small update on our facebook page.

Crew Updates
We gained Major Wells with our Marines and lost our Chief Station Operations Takeshi.

At the moment we are looking for a Chief Station Operations, Chief Flight Control Officer and a Director of Civilian Affairs. As well as many assistant chief, junior, enlisted and civilian positions.

Story Elements
We are still in our second episode and are working on changing forward a couple of weeks in time.

Other Information
It’s been a good month even though the numbers don’t really show it. We’ve made progress on some new aspects of the sim as well as started a lot of new stories that are going to be told.

Number of Posts: 19
New applicants: 1
Pending applicants: 0

Number of Users: 14
Number of PC’s: 13
Number of NPC’s: 97
Avg Mission Post / User: 1.36

Latest Mission Posts

» Permission to disobey

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Wed Sep 18, 2019 @ 2:13pm by Captain Kate Banninga & Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk


Ron hadn't slept since his night shift. How could he? His mind was spinning with questions about the distress signal. Could there still be any of his team left alive out there? Surely not. But if there was even the smallest chance, then Ron had to know. He had…

» Arrival on the station

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 8:45pm by Commander Timothy Rouse & Petty Officer 1st Class Ellen Rouse-Washington & Captain Judith Rouse & Andrew Rouse & Captain Alenis Meru


Judith grabbed the beverage she had just replicated and headed back to her seat. But before she could reach it she tripped over something, almost tripping the content of her mug. "Oh come on Tim, can't you retract those legs of yours for a change."

Being awoken by his…

» The Unexpected Addition - Part One

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:59pm by Captain Kate Banninga & Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk & Major Jack Wells & Petty Officer 1st Class Alexandra Flores


"You're my lifesaver, Alex." Kate said as she put the bassinet with her niece in it on the ground. She removed the baby bag from her other shoulder. "I came here as soon as I could, but off course couldn't find a babysitter that quickly. Could you inquire for…

» This Never Entered the Equation - Part 3

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Sat Sep 7, 2019 @ 8:34pm by Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk


Caoimhe reached for her glass of wine, the action brought her closer to Hawk as she allowed her eyes to wander towards Hawk's own. Taking in the damped cheeks with a reddish hue from the alcohol before her own orbs met his. They glistened from the alcohol but when…

» This Never Entered the Equation - Part 2

Mission: First Unity
Posted on Sat Sep 7, 2019 @ 8:34pm by Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk


Caoimhe raised an eyebrow at how the man knocked back the drink, that was twice in a matter of minutes that Hawk had managed to surprise her. His behaviour was so out of character she still wasn't sure if she needed to be worried or just roll with it.…