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An uncomfortable drink

Posted on Wed Jul 11, 2018 @ 3:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk
Edited on on Sun Nov 25, 2018 @ 8:20pm

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Tier E - Eliza's
Timeline: MD10 1200 Hours


Ron felt blessed to have a night off, or at least he would if there were more social hang outs on the station. He ventured along the strip in search of any place that looked like it might be a hub of activity. He found it. Flames rose up from either side of a gapeing archway which had the word ‘Elizas’ written upon its top. It looked a little too much for Rons likening. This was obviously not going to be a quiet drink where he might meet a few people, but instead a loud night being knocked about by people stepping on and off the dance floor.

He took the plunge and walked through the archway and through a large corridor which led him into an open room. Where a large crowd danced beneath, erotically clad holograms. He gave the crowd a wide berth as he walked around the edge of the room to find the bar, where he sat on one of the tall bar stools and beconned toward a Bolian barmaid, who almost instantly responded to his call.

“What will you be having sir?” She asked curtiously.

“Double whisky please,” came his response, to which he had no reply, but the Bolian went on her way to fulfill his order.

He sat as he waited, looking around at his surroundings. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something didn’t sit right with him here. He felt as if he had walked into a criminal hot bed, although there was no real evidence of this. Even as the barmaid returned with his drink, he continued to watch, claiming his drink with a movement of his hand behind him. He couldn’t help himself, he was sure if he watched long enough he might witness something illegal. He was no longer a security officer, but it was within his nature.

As the loud bass of the techno music hammered itself through the sound proofed walls and glass a slim figure wearing black leather yeans and a tank top was sitting behing a desk.

"Having a club is great... paper work not so much..." Eliza muttered as she looked up from the desk to look at the security footage and cocked her mouth as she saw who had wondered in, surprised that she had to see it for her own eyes, Eliza slid the chair back and took a look out the window, her eyes weren't playing tricks on her it really was him, did he accept her challange or was the man simply here for a drink and to be entertained by one of the dancers or was it a different reason?

Ron took his eyes off the crowds for a moment as he put his head back to down his whisky in one gulp. The burning sensation at the back of his throat was ignored as his eyes met those of a familiar woman peering from a window on the floor above. He gave a cheeky smile, remembering her challenge to him, but then turned his eyes back to his surroundings.

having met the man's gaze the woman smiled coyly then swiftly turned to her desk pressing a button on a comm channel.

A small woman, barely an adult appeared out of the dancing crowd and walked up to the bar where Ron was sitting. The girl looked at the man and gave her a subtle wink then slid a small card with the club's logo on it towards him while she ordered a drink in a non-Federation language.

Hawk looked upon the card with a confused glare. Flipping it over he came to realize it was a pass for the clubs VIP area. He chuckled toward the girl who was still next to him, “I think you may have made a mistake. I don’t think this is meant for me.”

The girl next to him urged him to take the pass as she briefly looked at up towards the office, as he refused again she pressed the card into his hands and folding them shut with her slender fingers, then took off and disappeared into the crowd without taking her exotic drink leaving the man behind.

Hawk turned on his stool to call after the young lady. It was too late, she had already passed into the crowd, and all he had mustered at this stage was to open his mouth, making himself look a little silly. Uncle chin this fist and examining the card again he shrugged. It was time to unravel this mystery. He decided to leave the drink behind, (after all who knows what might be in it), and walked around the edge of the room to find a guarded doorway leading onto the stairs to the VIP area.

With a flash of the card the bouncers moved out of Hawks path, and her was free to continue his journey into a much quieter upstairs room. This would have been much more to his liking than the noisy room below, if only he hadn’t got a sense of unease. Why was he called here? His fear was an unsavoury reason, and to make matters worse he didn’t bring a phaser out with him for a drink. After all why would he need one.

Still being seated in her chair and having a lit cigarette in the ashtray on her desk, the woman’s gaze was focused on the view screen in front of her that showed one of the camera’s that was tracking the man. She was amused to see that he had accepted her first gift, not many of Starfleet’s senior officers would have taken it.

As Ron entered the luscious dressed room with red brick walls, a large U shaped sofa with a screen above it against one wall, in between the sofa were two small round tables, each with a single rose in a bottle. On the other side of the room there was a small bar with a holographic tender, next to that a small circular podium with a dance pole in the middle of it accompanied by another hologram.

He headed for the bar and stood leaned against it, ordering an orange juice. He remained alert and gazed out of a nearby window at the dancing crowd below, still watching for any suspect behavior. If anything being up here gave him a better view point. However he still felt an unease, and checked over his shoulder every so often, in case who ever it was that had summoned him here was going to show their face.

The woman in the big chair in another room, was still observing the man, obviously he seemed needlessly tense, sure there were some unsavory costumers in the club, but that’s what the bouncers were for if they decided to step out of bounds. Eliza took a deep breath and couldn’t figure the man out from behind a screen, she needed to see him close up in order to size him up. The woman stood up from her chair, grabbing a padd and a moment later walked out of her office, wearing her usual outfit but colored red and a two tailed rain coat over it. Before entering the V.I.P. room Eliza instructed her men not to disturb her. “Mister Hawk.” The woman simply said walking to the sofa knowing she owned the place with a small Padd in her hands.

“Miss Diangelo,” Hawk exclaimed cheerfully, “I thought I had caught your gaze through the window. But then one can never be too sure. What brings a girl like you to a joint like this?”

Giving a soft chuckle ignoring his juvenile comment, the young woman reached into her pocket taking out a pack of cigarettes and lit one up. And exhaled a huff of smoke. “I happen to know the proprietor of this place, a very close friend of mine. But tell me what brings you here?” The woman said showing some interest in the man.

Hawk ignored the question entirely. Instead choking on the smoke that filled the air. With a splitter he began to speak: “I’m surprised a woman as intelligent as yourself would even consider smoking. We learnt the dangers centuries ago.” He coughed again. “I didn’t realize there was anyone that still partook in that particular vice.”

Chuckling softly at the man’s discomfort she dropped the cigarette into the vase where it was extinguished by the water. “ These aren’t as dangerous as one might think.” She replied blowing out the last bit of smoke, then sat back on the couch resting her arms on the back of it while crossing her legs.

“That’s only because the advancements in modern medicine. But is it not better to avoid needing a doctor in the first place?” Ron remarked with a caring but stern glare.

“Your concern towards me is admirable mister hawk but there really is no need to concern yourself about my well being I am more then capable to take care of myself.” Eliza explained confidently to the man whilst taking note of his stern glare towards her.

“Is it not my job to look out for the well being of the officers under my care?” Ron enquired taking a seat opposite Eliza and resting back in it. “But to answer your question, I’m here simply to enjoy a drink. It happens to be my unhealthy vice.”

Giving a slight nod the man sitting down acknowledging that it was indeed his duty, one of his duties to do just that. With a swift snap of her finger Eliza ordered the barkeep to make her a drink it was simple, she only favored one and she made damn sure the holograms were programmed to make it. “Many of your fellow consumers here share your.., vice. Mister Hawk. However, not all are here for a mere drink.” The woman said leaning forward running a hand gently down the outside of her right leg, as if to subtly scratch an itch.

“I feared all was not as first seemed here,” Hawk admitted, attempting to keep the woman at arms length, at least for the time being. “So tell me, what do the punters come here form if not to drink or dance?”

“Comfort, perhaps? It’s none of my business really, until they step out of line that is.” Eliza simply replied not wanting to give away too much to him, after all she didn’t quite trust him enough, there was however something about the man she couldn’t quite place that she found interesting, the way he carried himself perhaps? “And when they do, I kindly remind them where the door is.” She said pointing towards it as the holographic barman arrived with her drink, giving a slight bow as he sat it on the table then the man looked at Ron.

“Would the gentleman like another drink or a snack?”

“And just how much trouble do you get?” He inquired, starting to doubt that the woman in front of him was on the straight and even. As he spoke Ron waved his hand in a backward motion to silently communicate that he required nothing from the Barman.

The hologram briefly looked at Eliza and when it received the same gesture, he started to move back to the bar. “Nothing too serious. The occasional drunken brawl, dance floor scuff.” The woman mused at the man, leaning a bit forward allowing him to have a fine-drawn view of the woman’s chest area, “ It is nothing club security can’t handle. If you’re concerned about the disruption of the public order caused by these individuals once they are out of my club, you need not to worry mister commander Hawk, Starfleet security teams on this station are more than capable.” The woman probably knew what he was trying to dig at, she wasn't just about to tell.

“I’m more worried about the things that are not so easy to see,” Ron admitted clearly. “This sort of establishment tends to attract some, well, some rather shifty characters. The kind of people who keep their organised misdemeanors on the down low.”

“hm..,” Eliza responded, and reached out towards her padd, pressing a button, creating a dampening field around the room, disabling any recording devices that may be hidden in the room including her own. “Enough with the probing mister Hawk, there's nobody listening, you can say what ever you wish.” The woman said slightly annoyed at the hinted accusation.

Ron smiled at the audacity of the woman. He couldn’t put his finger on why, but he liked her. “This kind of establishment tends to breed the wrong kind of visitor. Whether or not it is the managers intent to keep them out, they will still come. It is the ideal place to discuss their criminal plans within plain sight, and without raising suspicion.”

“Now,” he continued. “I need to ask myself why it is you have needed to install dampening devices into the place yourself. One can only hope to imagine that it is to lull the kind of scum of which we are talking into a false sense of security. As such I expect the reports of every criminal misdeed seen or discussed within this place, submitted to security for official investigation.”

She wasn’t impressed and honestly not surprised by his display of power, Eliza kept her pose on the couch and after a minute or two of silence “I suppose if I refuse you’ll close this place down or at the very least enforce it with your own security.” The woman raised the corner of her mouth stood up and walked towards the bar to get a refill.

“Why would you refuse?” Hawk asked bluntly, as if it hadn’t even crossed his mind that Eliza herself was involved in some criminal activity. He watched as she had her drink refilled sat with his arms folded across him. “The sorts of scum you would be helping to take down deserve all they get. Do they not?”

“And you’ll become the knight in shining armor that takes down these demons and saves this maiden from utter corruption…” The woman mused with a laugh as she took the glass from the counter and took a quick sip. “ But really, how would this really become beneficial to us?” Eliza asked referring to herself and the club.

Ron raised his eyebrows, now slightly frustrated at the woman’s nature. “I had hoped,” he began clearly and concisely, “to appeal to the Starfleet officer within you. Or do I have to question the integrity of said Officer?”

“Come now mister Hawk, don’t mistake my refusal to play ball for corruption. You may yet find out just how loyal I can really be.” The woman responded jestfully as she slowly and in a feminine fashion, gracefully swinging her hip while stepping towards the man.

Giving a sigh, Ron stood from his seat. “Perhaps you you could show that loyalty now?” He said flatly squaring up to the woman in an authoritive fashion.

Enjoying his authoritive demeanor towards her, Eliza still wasn't willing to give Ron what he wanted without making him work for it. "I could," Eliza simply said putting her hands on her hips. "We both know thats not how this works, but since you've given me a little more flexibility to do my other job." The woman looked at the small padd. "I can however give you a small preview mister Ron." Eliza finished motioning for him to sit down in his seat.

He returned to his seat as motioned, but kept up his dagger like eyes. He said nothing, but awaited the woman's offering. He couldn't help but feel like he was being played.

Again she smirked seeing him sink down into his seat Eliza wasn't going to just let him leave, not without having given him a little taste of what she can squeeze out of the unsavory characters that enter her club. And having made her point across that it would be beneficial for both individuals in the room to let the woman run her business the way she sees fit. Reaching and picking up the padd the woman started to scroll through a small database of juicy information she had been gathering since the club had opened it's doors. " Everything I share with you, stays within these four walls. This includes and is not limited to dropping my name, hint it, report it or even gossip about it. I will be allowed to conduct my business however I see fit without having Starfleet looking over my shoulder. You and you alone will be the only individual whom I have contact with." The woman stated.

“Unless I can share this information it is no good to me. However I can promise not to relay the source of the information, and to keep security out of your club.” Plain a simple was Ron’s voice. He had no time for games, and certainly no time for hiding the criminal activity of the people these reports might point at.

Cradling her chin in her hand and looking past the man while contemplating over and out weighing the potential fallout the man could bring to her business if she didn't share the information. Eliza then leaned forward only a few moments after having made a decision, the woman nodded. "Fair enough mister Hawk, however a fair warning is still due." The relaxed woman said.

“I’m glad we could come to an arrangement,” Ron smirked feeling as if he had won a battle. He stood from his chair once more, but instead of heading for the door, he approached the bar keeping hologram and ordered himself a pint of larger. Maybe not the most civilized drink but he felt he had earned it.

“Enjoy it while you can mister Hawk, your drink that is.” The woman subtly said imagining him to be rather happy with the just a snippet of information that she had provided him with. The data on the PADD was minor but sufficient to keep Starfleet busy for at least a period of time and out of her business before knocking on her door again to ask for more. This was at the same time a test to see if the Commander was to be trust worthy. But above all it kept herself, her patrons and associates happy.

“I intend to,” he said smoothly before pushing his luck further, “I guess these wee one is on the house?”

“Sure, you are a VIP after all, just don’t push your luck out there mister Hawk.” Eliza replied casually and pointed to the exit of the VIP room before getting up from the couch she had been sitting on for the better part of their conversation. “If there’s nothing else.”

“There is one last thing,” Ron said with some authority in his voice. “I suppose you will be wanting this back.” He held out the VIP pass he had been provided by the young lady by the bar.

Making her way to the door of the lounge and having her hand on the handle. "No mister Hawk," Eliza replied looking over her shoulder to the man at the bar. "It's yours to keep and yours to make use of." Eliza said before going through the door and leaving the man alone with his drink.


Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station


Lieutenant Eliza Diangelo
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Langley Station


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